Video Marketing Idea: Creating Free Video Courses

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Video marketing via free video course

Video marketing and social media marketing is inseparable. Uploading your video to video sites, such as YouTube, and share yours to your social media network is proven to be effective. One issue you should consider is whether you need a video converter or any other tools to help you out.

Not only on video sites and social media network, I also recommend you to publish videos on your site – not only for streaming, but for downloading purpose; and I’m not talking about products and services promotion, but real education and information for your prospects. Here’s one idea for you: Creating free video courses.

Of course, videos promoting your products and services always help, but I suggest you to create free video courses for some reasons:

  • It can help evangelising your brands: Creating useful and practical video courses branded by your business will help you enhance your brand reputation.
  • It can help educating your potential clients about your products and services – and close sales: Pitching your viewer after you offer values has always worked wonders – if you end it with a strong call to action, that is.
  • Free video courses help your list building efforts: You can have your video courses to be downloaded for free if visitors joint your mailing list.

When you are planning to use free video courses to make your brand names, products and services viral – just like what top Internet Marketers I know do – you need to think about one issue: Video compatibility.

Key in offering free video courses: Compatibility

As we know, there are so many video formats today – too many that answering this basic question is challenging: Which video format should I use for my video marketing campaign? MOV, AVI, MP3, WMV, MP4 or the others?

The answer might lie in the devices your target market is using. Will your target market view the video on their Apple iPad? On their laptop/PC using Windows Media Player? Or any other devices and software? Is your target market is on YouTube – if it is, you need a youtube converter.

It’s probably best for you to offer some of the most typical video formats to ensure that your viral videos reach their intended goals: Converting viewers into clients or customers.

For that purpose, I suggest you to consider purchasing video converter software, such as Movavi Video Converter. I think Movavi is better than the rest for its ability to convert any video formats into many other formats, allowing videos and audios to be accessed by over 180 mobile devices. Movavi also converts video fast – about 8 times faster than the rest.

A couple more ideas…

Instead of video, you might want to offer audio version of your free courses. You can use Movavi software to convert your video into audio format. Audios are smaller in size, thus prospects with slower Internet connection can still benefit from your courses.

You might also want to transcribe the video into texts, with screen capture to help maintain prospects’ focus (you can also this using Movavi software.) This works wonder in my case, as I have poor Internet connection speed that is making streaming video a painful experience with all the patchy audio and skipped frames.

The idea is for you to offer as many alternatives as possible to your prospects, in such a way that there is no other reason for them to seek information elsewhere.

Ivan Widjaya
On video marketing efforts via free video courses