You Do Not Need a Battery of Products to make it Big in Business – 4 Reasons Why

one-product coffee business
Starbucks = coffee
Do you believe you’ll never make it in business just because you don’t have a big portfolio of products and services? If your answer to that question is “yes” I would beg to differ. You DEFINITELY DON’T need a battery of products to make it big in business; just one or two core products would suffice. Here’s why…

Simplicity is the Best Business Mantra

The first thing about business is simplifying things… your product/service/business model/production methods, pricing and promotion… all become very simple when you have a standalone product. That’s because your marketing mix revolves around just the one thing. The result? Business is uncomplicated and fun!

What’s the USP of Starbucks? Coffee.

Pizza Hut? Pizza

KFC? Chicken like only they do it!

All these businesses have made it big on home turf and are growing as international brands based on one core product with variations thrown in. There’s really no reason why you can’t emulate that. Start small, start simple and you’ve won half the battle.

The Product is King

I have always believed that the product is the core of a good marketing mix and that is precisely why just one product that is well made/designed is really all one needs to succeed in business. Look around you and observe the number of ventures that are laughing all the way to the bank built on just one product…


You don’t need more than that to have people eating out of your hands… literally!

Creative Genius is About “Less is more”

Donna Dewberry is the creator of the One Stroke Painting technique and being an artist she is an inspiration for me. Donna has built a successful business born out of the simple technique that she experimented with a developed. One stroke painting technique, catapulted Donna from a simple home decorator to a business owner who found her calling in her craft.

Her USP? A simple painting technique that can be mastered by anyone who undergoes training at her workshops. Over the last three decades Donna has built a business teaching students the technique, training teachers in the technique and vending craft supplies for one stroke painting.

Donna is the perfect example of how you don’t need complexity to succeed in business. You can capitalize on just one or two things to stand out in the crowd.

Mobile Products and Services Rule the Roost

Time is a valuable resource and most of us complain about its scarcity which is why helping people save time is a business opportunity all by itself. I see examples all around…

Mobile libraries
Pet Salons on Wheels
Apparel Stores on Wheels
Toy Libraries
Beauty Services at Your Doorstep

These are just a few instances of businesses that are helping people save time and enjoy products and services in the comfort of their homes.

Hopefully this will set the tone for my blog posts through this month and help you think about how you can make it big in business with simplicity and creativity!

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