How God can Help You Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

becoming better entrepreneurs
Better entrepreneurs
Some people sneer when I talk about God’s role in my entrepreneurial journey. If you follow for some time you know that I have gone through some difficult times, in which without God’s help I can do nothing about.

In the past some people ask me what’s the impact of God and my faith in my life. All I can answer them is the fact that God makes every aspect of my life better.

Of course, in following God you will face many trials and tribulations. You will always be misunderstood because of your faith to God; people expect you not to make mistake or immune to sickness and all. The truth is, whether we believe God or not, we are still human. We make mistakes and we do fall ill (read 2 Corinthians 4:7-11).

What differ us God believers from the rest is HOW we respond to our life’s troubles. This also holds true in entrepreneurship… we make bad business decisions, we can experience personal bankruptcy, we may face business failures… but again, how we respond is what making us different.

One thing for sure, God makes me a better person and a better entrepreneur. I respond to failures with better attitude, knowing that I will always have my “safety net” – God will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5-6.) This allows me to quickly stand up, pick up the pieces and move on.

How God can help you a better entrepreneur

So, in what aspects God help us to be better entrepreneurs?

  • You will do ethical business practices: As a God’s believer, you are demanded to be ethical and honest in your business practices.
  • You will make better business decisions: You will ask for God’s guidance in your business decisions. On your part, your business decisions will be well-thought, wise decisions.
  • You won’t procrastinate: You will work hard as you glorify God with your work. In your business you title might be an Owner/CEO, but the real Owner/CEO is God.
  • You will manage your money better: God gives you riches. It’s your job to manage your money well, as you are actually God’s CFO. You need to give back to the community, invest for the future, and enjoying your portion responsibly.

If you follow God’s guidance closely, you will find yourself blessed – your business, your family, your community… and believe me, God’s blessings are not something you can work on nor something that money can buy; it’s a gift.

That being said, stop asking God to give you what you want and start to give something that would please God – one of the ways is by becoming a better entrepreneur.

God bless you!

Ivan Widjaya
On becoming a better entrepreneur