Working From Home: A Pro/Con List

working from home
Working at home
During these tough times, when employment rates are down but gas prices are going up, working from home has become an increasingly attractive option for many. The availability of high-speed internet as well as different methods of communicating has made it possible for those unable to seek jobs outside to become self-employed by putting up small internet businesses or working freelance as writers, transcriptionists, editors, et cetera. The possibilities are endless – some companies now allow eliminating the commute for employees by allowing them to work their shifts without leaving their houses.

Like most things, it is not without its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why being self-employed at home may or may not be for you.

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NO COMMUTE. Arguably one of the best reasons to work from home, eliminating the stress of commuting is a great advantage. Not only do you save money on gas or fare, working from home leaves you with more time to spend with your family or on leisure activities by having the office right at your fingertips and not an hour and a half away in another building.

CUT COSTS ON FOOD. One of the biggest expenses you’ll make when working outside is for food. Sure, packed lunches can alleviate this problem, but most people don’t have the time to prepare something. Plus, it can get boring. The temptation to put down cash for a meal at a nice restaurant is easier to combat if you don’t see the temptation in the first place!

HEALTH REASONS. Ever rode on a bus with a person suffering from a head cold? Your chances of catching that same cold just got higher. Add in factors like stress, pollution, and working in enclosed spaces with people suffering from other communicable diseases”¦ this isn’t a possibility you need to worry about if you were working from home.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE. Working from home gives you the advantage of being able to manage your time according to your preference, instead of having to follow a set schedule. You can go on your errands and appointments without having to take a day off from work, just pick it right back up when you get back in.

STRESS-FREE. Burnout, stress, anxiety? You won’t suffer from any of these things working from home. The office environment can be competitive and gossipy, and it does take a toll emotionally when one has been doing it for too long. With these factors eliminated, you can enjoy a more relaxed working atmosphere.


NO WORK, NO PAY. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Simply put, if you don’t have the discipline to stick to your schedule and meet your quotas, there won’t be any revenue. If you’re working for a company, chances are the salary will be lower than what you’d get working at an outside office.

UNPREDICTABILITY. Without a solid contract, the amount of money you can get each month may vary, as opposed to going to the office every day and receiving a set amount for it.

DISTRACTIONS. It can be very easy to lose your focus if restrictions aren’t present. Children, a pet, social calls, the television, even the internet itself can throw a wrench into your productivity.

STAGNANCY. Having the freedom to eat whatever you like whenever you like, added to the lack of exercise (since you don’t really have to go anywhere) can make for a seriously unhealthy lifestyle if one isn’t careful.

LONELINESS. It might be nice to be your own boss, but working from home does deprive you of the privilege of interacting with others and being social. Some people might be okay with this, while others aren’t and need the presence of others to motivate themselves to work.

So there you have it. Being one’s own employer can be nice, but only if you’re willing to put in the hard work to make the endeavor profitable. If you’re a person who requires constant direction, this might not be the path you want to take, but if you like the idea of independence and a disciplined mindset, it may be a better option than slaving away for a company that doesn’t appreciate your individual talents.

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