How to (Really) Find What Your Customers Think

what customer want
What is on her mind?

Who are your customers?

Words cannot explain how crucial it is to truly understand who your customers are and to completely understand what they need from you. It’s extremely important to know what your customers think so that you can meet their needs.

Your standard of excellent customer service is not the same standard as someone else. This is a subject that will vary from business to business but is a necessity regardless of the niche market or business process. The process of your customers contacting you is a start of a relationship whether you know it or not.

Make sure that you make a conscious effort to speak with your customers.  This can be done using many different methods such as your website’s contact page, blog, or whatever other communication source that you decide on.


How to Find out What your Customers are Thinking

Make it your job to find out what your customers thought about your product or service and find out what changes you can make to improve the process. Ask simple questions like, “Did you see this product/service as a valuable investment?”. This is one of the easiest ways for you to get a first hand perception of what your customers are talking about amongst themselves.

Another good question may be, “What must be done to make this product/service better?” Using this strategy within your business’ sales process may be the difference between you providing mediocre service or you providing your customers with the ultimate product/service experience. This is what turns one time buyers into life long customers of your brand.

A Formal Approach

If the method listed above is not something you see your business implementing, you can go with a more formal approach. You have the option of sending testimonial request forms to your customers via email or postal mail. Another great idea that I like to utilize within my business is sending out short questionnaire forms to my clients with very short informal questions.

You can include simple questions like, “Would you use this product/service again in the future?” “Would you recommend this product/service to your friends and family?” “What didn’t you like about this product/service?”

It is extremely crucial that you understand who your target customer base is and what they are thinking? This will help you to present your product or service in the best manner so that your prospective consumers will accept what you are offering.

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