Clients in Your Car – Keep Your Wits About You

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If you’ve ever had to drive one of your clients in your car, you know what a nerve-wracking experience this can be. Not only do you have to impress your client and make a good impression, you also have to keep your focus on the road while driving. This can be a difficult task, but there are certain steps you can take to communicate with your client and stay alert to the road at the same time. Here are some of those steps in detail:

Keep the Conversation Light

Talking business with a client can be incredibly distracting and can drain your focus and concentration. Instead of talking about the product or service that you offer to the client, try to keep the conversation more friendly and casual. If the client is from out of town, you could mention something about a sports team from their city. You could also ask about their family or mention the vacation that you recently took. These topics require less brainpower and allow you to concentrate on the road.

Play Music in the Background

Nothing’s worse than an awkward silence while you’re driving with a client. Instead of trying to think of something clever to say, why not turn on the radio in your car? This can fill the gap of silence and will help you to relax while driving. Make sure to ask your client if they have a preference for any type of music. The two of you might even share a common bond in the kind of music that you enjoy.

Ask Questions

The more you talk, the more distracted you’ll be while driving. Instead of having to shoulder the burden of conversation, try to get your client to do the talking. One great way to do this is by asking questions. People love to talk about themselves, so make sure that your questions are geared towards the client’s life. Don’t be pushy by asking embarrassing personal questions, but try to ask questions about the client’s business or personal interests. Make sure to ask open-ended questions so that you’re not getting “yes” or “no” answers.

Refrain from Looking at Your Passengers

When talking to a client in your car, you might have the tendency to turn your head to answer a question. If your focus strays from the road for too long, you increase the likelihood of getting into an accident and injuring yourself or your client. Instead of turning to answer a question, you should make sure that your eyes are focused on the road the majority of the time. This doesn’t mean that you should never look at the client – you can turn briefly to acknowledge a question, but remember that your main focus should be on driving.

Leave Extra Space in Front of You

Because you might be distracted by a conversation that you’re having with your client, you should take steps to drive more cautiously. One of these steps should be to leave more room between you and the car in front of you. If you become distracted and turn around to see that someone has slammed on their brakes, you’ll have more time to react and come to a safe stop. The way that you drive says a lot about you, and your client may think that you’re irresponsible if you drive dangerously.

Make Sure Your Insurance has Maximum Limits

The last thing you want to happen is to have an accident with a client in your car, or crash while you are working your business. These occurrences could result in lawsuits against your company if your car insurance only meets the minimum requirements. It’s surprising how little it takes to opt for the maximum coverage; consider taking a higher deductible as well, if you want to save considerable dollars in your policy payments.

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