Are You a Baby Boomer Who Wants to Succeed?

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It’s easy for anyone, Baby Boomer, Gen X’er or other to give a simple “yes” answer to the question, “do you have the desire to succeed?” However, that answer has a much deeper meaning and ramifications if you’re truly honest with yourself.

Having the desire to succeed also implies having will and determination, because success isn’t something you can just walk into a store and buy, or click a key on your computer.

True will and determination take strength and courage. They take an attitude of never giving up until you get what you strive for. However, it starts with a clear and concise focus of what it is that you really want. Is it a better life for yourself? Is it a new house, car or other worldly possession? Or, perhaps it’s a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Often the older you get, the less material stuff you want.

Success means very different things to everyone. It definitely doesn’t always imply wealth and abundance, but having it can, without a doubt, give you enormous peace of mind – especially when it comes to being able to pay your bills!

In the long term, what you strive for might well be the peace of mind that you have enough to retire, travel at will, or help your children or grandchildren so that they don’t need to struggle. You decide what success means to you.

Having the luxury of working from home with an Internet marketing business is one way to help achieve your success desire. Being your own boss, in charge of your time, energy and freedom appeals to many who want to continue to work, but on their own terms. The freedom of a home-based business is appealing to more and more baby boomers that want or need to supplement their retirement nest egg.

Dr. Charlie Smithdeal knew he needed to take control of his destiny when at 73 years old, he found that he’d lost his entire retirement savings. He’d been a successful surgeon, but along the way, had made one too many wrong financial decisions. Taking responsibility, and having to start over in his seventies took unbelievable courage. However, he knew that if he didn’t, the consequences looked far from pretty.

He turned to the Internet for salvation. He quickly realized that there were moneymaking opportunities galore. After considerable research, he settled on working with the premiere online marketing education company. He knew nothing about marketing on the Internet, but he did know that he had the determination to learn new skills to be successful. Today Charlie finds himself in more fortunate position than he ever was at the height of his medical career.

The moral of this story, which is very true, is that with a desire and determination to succeed, anything is possible.

Internet marketing offers baby boomers many benefits of time, energy and freedom. If learning new skills are what it takes then be prepared to master them – no matter how old or young you are, or feel!

Are You a Baby Boomer Who Wants to Succeed?

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