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Longhorn Saloon, Township of Scenic, South Dakota
Do you watch the movie “Cars”? You must have known about Radiator Springs. It looked like a ghost town before Lightning McQueen attracts new tenants and turns it into a lively town. Now, how about a business opportunity (or real estate opportunity, if you prefer) to buy a real historical ghost town and turns it into a lively one?

I’ve just stumbled on an interesting news piece covering the sales of a 46 acres town with a population of 9 – the Township of Scenic, South Dakota – for less than a million dollar; $799,000 to be exact.

Scenic was actually listed for $3 million about 2 years ago, but not much interest.

Scenic was a thriving railroad town in the early 20th century (1906); there was a bank, grocery stores, a church, a high school and a hotel. Scenic was famous for hunting and feature the world’s famous Longhorn Saloon. There’s not much left today…

The town was turned into a ghost town as people are flocking away from it during the Great Depression and it’s never recovered from the slump.

The under-a-million-dollar asking price includes a US Post Office land lease, the Longhorn Fuel and Food Convenience Store, the historical 1906 Longhorn Saloon, a museum, two houses, and two jails.

It’s reported that reporters, TV crews and millionaires are planning to visit this scenic Scenic town. Check out this CNN news coverage on the sales:

I think this real estate investing opportunity is interesting… firstly, it involves a town, not only a piece of land; secondly, you’ll have a chance to preserve Old West historical building, such as the Longhorn Saloon – priceless in itself. It’s a great pride, really to acquire a historical town, in my opinion.

So – how about you? Interested in acquiring a real town and makes it better, instead of playing CityVille on Facebook?

Ivan Widjaya
Buying a town rocks!
Image: BHWebDes