Interesting Business Opportunity: Buy a Town for Less than $1 Million – The Township of Scenic, South Dakota is For Sale!

scenic town for sale
Longhorn Saloon, Township of Scenic, South Dakota
Do you watch the movie “Cars”? You must have known about Radiator Springs. It looked like a ghost town before Lightning McQueen attracts new tenants and turns it into a lively town. Now, how about a business opportunity (or real estate opportunity, if you prefer) to buy a real historical ghost town and turns it into a lively one?

I’ve just stumbled on an interesting news piece covering the sales of a 46 acres town with a population of 9 – the Township of Scenic, South Dakota – for less than a million dollar; $799,000 to be exact.

Scenic was actually listed for $3 million about 2 years ago, but not much interest.

Scenic was a thriving railroad town in the early 20th century (1906); there was a bank, grocery stores, a church, a high school and a hotel. Scenic was famous for hunting and feature the world’s famous Longhorn Saloon. There’s not much left today…

The town was turned into a ghost town as people are flocking away from it during the Great Depression and it’s never recovered from the slump.

The under-a-million-dollar asking price includes a US Post Office land lease, the Longhorn Fuel and Food Convenience Store, the historical 1906 Longhorn Saloon, a museum, two houses, and two jails.

It’s reported that reporters, TV crews and millionaires are planning to visit this scenic Scenic town. Check out this CNN news coverage on the sales:

I think this real estate investing opportunity is interesting… firstly, it involves a town, not only a piece of land; secondly, you’ll have a chance to preserve Old West historical building, such as the Longhorn Saloon – priceless in itself. It’s a great pride, really to acquire a historical town, in my opinion.

So – how about you? Interested in acquiring a real town and makes it better, instead of playing CityVille on Facebook?

Ivan Widjaya
Buying a town rocks!
Image: BHWebDes