How to Start a Business via Online Collaboration: The Piggyback Rider Success Story (Plus a Contest)

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The Internet offers us the capability to work anytime and anywhere we want, virtually with anybody in any parts of the world. Online collaboration tools and cloud-based services even make business operations easier – even you can start a business virtually; one of such business is Full Sail International, a company successfully launched The Piggyback Rider via online collaboration. Read the news coverage here.

Full Sail International was founded in 2007 by Wayne Lifshitz, and later joined by brothers Jonny and Bryan. The interesting part is the fact that the three brothers are living in different US cities: Wayne lives in Bethesda, Maryland, Jonny lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and Bryan lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Indeed, Wayne has designed Full Sail International to run in location independent manner.

They pitch business ideas virtually; packaging, marketing, social media strategies – all done virtually. They contact via pre-scheduled Skype calls, emails, chats, and texts. They do file sharing and desktop sharing online via Skype. No office.

The virtual collaboration pays off – Full Sail launched The Piggyback Rider, their most successful invention in 2010.

The Piggyback Rider: A creative, successful small business idea

The Piggyback Rider was born out of a necessity – or to be more precise, out of a common kid request; The Piggyback Rider allows you to piggyback a child while keeping your hands free.

The product took about 18 months of online collaboration, along with the initial investment of $50,000 for product design, testing and launching.

Success will come to those with perseverance and patience; The Piggyback Rider reached a tipping point when a sample of the product was given to actress Tori Spelling on October 2010, and her husband, Dean McDermott, was caught on camera wearing the Piggyback Rider to, well, virtually piggyback his eldest child. The products are then officially taken off.

Today, Full Sail International sells about 250 products a month at $79.99, and has a projected revenue of $135.000 for 2011. They are currently negotiating with major retailers to distribute the Piggyback Rider.

Read The Piggyback Rider success story here

A little contest…

Are you developing innovative products yourself? How about winning a $75 review on of your business startup or new product/service launch?

To be eligible, it’s very simple: All you need to do is go to the Piggyback Rider article, leave a comment over there, and come back to this article and let me know by writing a comment here that you have done so.

You may also share your business, product or service in the comment. Yes, you may include a link or two to your website or product page in your comment – so, this is also a great opportunity to get the words out about your business!

This contest’s deadline is August 15th, 2011. I will then select the most interesting comment and I will personally write a review about your fantastic business and publish it before the end of August, 2011.

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Enjoy and good luck!

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