Should Your Startup Go Virtual In The Post-Covid World?

The Covid-19 pandemic is one that changed how things are done globally. Not only was the pandemic unexpected, but it also affected the way of life of many people around the world . The economies of nations were affected, human interactions were limited, and businesses were forced to close down.

What is worthy of note from the Covid-19 pandemic is that a new normal has emerged. A firm understanding of this new normal and how to make the most of it is essential for everyone, especially if you are planning to set up a business.

Startup founder goes virtual
To go virtual as a startup, you need the right technologies. | Photo credit: Unsplash

Post-Covid World and the New Normal Realities for Startups

Before the pandemic, social interaction was very high, with people traveling from one place to another, holding physical meetings, and working with employees on site. However, when the pandemic started, there were several efforts to ensure the spread of the virus was limited. Other than the medically prescribed measures, such as face-mask wearing, there were several lockdowns across nations of the world.

These lockdowns affected many established businesses and killed several startups. However, some startups designed a virtual system of sustainability that helped them see through these moments, and those systems are important in the post-Covid world.

Going virtual refers to leveraging technology to operate. We live in a digital world where virtually everything can be done online. Due to the many advancements in technology, a connected world has been created, meaning you don’t have to be in the same place with someone before engaging with them.

You don’t have to be in the same place before you do business with people. You don’t need a physical store to set up a business. All of these and more can be done virtually.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the many challenges that came with it has helped bring us to an awareness of the need to better appreciate our virtual realities, especially as a startup.

Setting Up and Sustaining a Startup in the Post-Covid World

Setting up and sustaining a startup in the post-covid world will require more than the intelligence needed to run a business. You will also need to know what technologies are required to help you go virtual and ensure better productivity. No doubt, the world will never return to how it used to be pre-covid, where everything was done physically and in person.

Yes, there will still be many things that will be done in person, but going virtual is very important in running a business. By going virtual, you are not just positioning your startup for better visibility (as we would come to see later); you also ensure that your startup doesn’t get swallowed up by the competition.

The virtual world is a world of limitless possibilities. However, to access this world, your startup needs proper knowledge and the right technologies.

Online startup founder working in a virtual office
The post-covid world will see more people online and less people on the streets. | Photo Credit: Unsplash

Tips to Help Startups Go Virtual Post-Covid

The challenge for many startups is not lacking the will to go virtual but knowing how to go about it. To create a virtual reality around your startup, here are some tips that will come in handy.

1. Setup a virtual address

Getting a business location can be very costly in today’s world. Not only will you have to get and pay for a location, but you will also have to put specific structures in place, which will also come at an extra cost. To save all of these costs while still enjoying the many benefits that come with going virtual, your startup can get a virtual address.

2. Create a virtual phone address

Other than setting up a virtual address, you will also have to create a virtual phone address. When going virtual, there must be systems that allow customers to reach and interact with your business. With a virtual phone address, customers can always call to make inquiries, place orders, or follow up with the latest developments relating to your business.

3. Hire virtual assistants

Going virtual as a startup will also require you to hire virtual assistants. Virtual assistants work remotely on a contract basis. They can offer their services from any location via several software applications.

The good sides to hiring virtual assistants are that you can save the cost of full employment, the structural cost of setting up offices for employees, and it also allows you to work with the best.

4. Create a responsive website

Another tip for startups that want to go virtual post-covid is the creation of a responsive website. By creating a website, you are giving your startup an online presence that guarantees better visibility. With a website, you can reach out to the international business community, engage in strategic partnerships with other businesses and record more sales.

In creating a website for your startup, you must ensure that the website is responsive, user-friendly, and fast.

5. Hold team meetings via video conferencing software

Going virtual as a startup will also require you to hold team meetings via video conferencing software. By hiring virtual assistants who will most likely come from different locations, you need to ensure constant communication of the values and goals of the startup.

The best way to go about this is to hold your team meetings virtually. Thankfully there are several applications at your disposal that you can choose from like:

Benefits of Startups Going Virtual Post-Covid

Going virtual in the post-covid world is a major requirement for any startup that wants to achieve success. One of the major benefits of startups going virtual post-covid is that it allows for enhanced benefits.

Imagine you have to set up a physical store for your business in a defined location. The chances are that only those within the vicinity of that business will know about your products or services. However, by going virtual, you will gain local recognition and international visibility as well.

Another benefit of going virtual is that it helps to save a lot of operational costs. Your startup can save money that would have been used in buying many things and paying employers whose services may not be needed at all times when it goes virtual.


The Covid-19 pandemic has altered how things are done and caused many people to look to the virtual space when searching for things. To position your startup to meet the needs of a global audience, you must take steps to go virtual. Setting up a virtual address, creating a virtual phone line, hiring virtual assistants, designing a responsive website, and holding meetings via video conferencing software are some of the best ways to achieve this.


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