Small Business Owners: How to Receive a Sale Notification Email every time You Got a Sale

sale notification app
Sale notification business app
I just being recommended a sale notification application that will notify me when I receive sales or order emails: Got a $ale. How can the business app helps you to attend important business matters? Read on for more information.

Small business owners – let’s be honest here. How many emails do you receive on daily basis? How many of them are actually related to your small business’ bottom line?

If you asked me, I receive more than 400 emails every day. 90 percent of them are either spams or notifications from my social network and blogs that I received a message or comment. The 10 percent are either impacting directly to my bottom line or email replies/leads/questions/requests.

I honestly don’t have time to sift through my emails only to find that only a handful that is really important for my business. Even if I did have the time, I’d rather spend it on more productive activities.

Following the 80/20 rule, I need to focus on the 20 percent of activities giving 80 percent of results. That’s mean, I need to focus on 20 percent of my emails and check on the rest later on; I just literally forget about the rest.

Got a $ale app can help me to achieve just that. How?

How about a cash register sound every time you got a sale/order email?

Got a $ale is designed with business owners in mind; it is a simple, yet very useful business app that can immediately notify you with a unique cash register sound (or any sounds you prefer – just upload them!) every time you receive notification emails – such as order notification emails, based on the common phrase in the email subject.

So, you can have a mobile notification on your phone every time you receive an order, money, a client contact, and much more – the possibilities are actually limitless. Currently only Android phones and tablets are supported.

If you have multiple email accounts like me, Got a $ale app can support multiple email accounts just fine. And yes, you can set multiple phrases and assign specific notification sound to each email account you have.

How the business app can really make a difference for your small business?

The premise of the business application is that you don’t have to check for emails on regular basis only to find that you receive nothing but spams and other unimportant emails.

When your email software automatically or manually check the emails for you, you will hear a cash register sound when you receive emails which subjects contain the phrases you set. This is particularly useful if you have important deadline to meet, such as order fulfillment from your online store, negotiating with an important client, and any other time-sensitive business activities.

So, I suggest you to check out Got a $ale app to see whether it can enhance your productivity – and eventually enhance your business profits.

Ivan Widjaya
Sale notification business app