How to Oursource Your Small Tasks: JobsFor10 Review

jobsfor10 review
JobsFor10 online micro jobs site
Fiverr is a major player in micro-outsourcing. However, there are some real competitors to Fiverr offering something that Fiverr can’t. One of credible alternatives to Fiverr is JobsFor10 – an online micro jobs site I have been recently being recommended to visit.

I am on Fiverr for quite some time – doing both buying and offering services, and I have some “gigs” suspended and rejected. There are some people experience what I did and most – if not all – of us join Fiverr’s competitors, such as JobsFor10.

What is JobsFor10?

JobsFor10 is an online micro jobs site that is one of real competitors to Fiverr, with some key features that make a difference.

Fiverr – hence the name – allows someone to create a gig (read: Service he/she offers) and charging $5 for it. However, due to the diverse nature of the jobs that can be offered to clients, Fiverr service providers often ask for clients to pay on the same gig twice to charge them $10 – this is ineffective.

JobsFor10 – as the name implies – allows businesses or individuals to buy and sell services for $10. It has recently introduced options for users to buy and sell $5 jobs and $20 jobs. Now outsourcers and service providers can access different level of tasks. Problem solved.

How JobsFor10 works?

As a seller, all you need to do is to create a job, accept orders, communicate with buyers and deliver your work. You will receive 80% of the amount you get paid (JobsFor10 will take 20% as a fee.)

As a buyer, it’s also pretty straightforward – find a job, place an order and pay for it, communicate with the seller and get the finished work. You can then submit feedback.

Unlike any other outsourcing site, such as and, the whole outsourcing process using JobsFor10 will only take you days to complete.

Regardless of the task sizes, it’s important to get the job done in professional manner. JobsFor10 runs an internal JobRank system that will rate and rank sellers for buyers to consider.

Who JobsFor10 is for?

If you need something to do for your small business – online marketing, social media marketing, design a flyer, fix a program glitch, market research, create videos and any other small tasks, JobsFor10 is for you.

JobsFor10 is also for business owners that require short turnaround time for job completion. So you don’t need to do lengthy conversations and pitches with potential sellers.

How JobsFor10 can be a great service for middlemen

As you can read from this JobsFor10 blog post, JobsFor10 positions itself in between Fiverr and Odesk.

Odesk is one of the most popular freelance jobs marketplaces. If you are an online subcontractor, you can benefit greatly in outsourcing small tasks from the job you receive from Odesk to JobsFor10. You can also make great income by outsourcing your JobFor10 jobs to Fiverr. You get the picture…

Please visit JobsFor10 to see whether the site can help you to outsource your business tasks.

Ivan Widjaya
Micro-outsourcing fan