Make Your Hobby into a Career

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Turning your hobby into a money making opportunity

Everybody has something that they enjoy doing in their spare time. Some people use hobbies to relax and unwind after a particularly stressful day, while others are simply seeking an outlet for their creativity. If your love for your hobby is particularly strong, you might want to turn it into something that generates a profit. With the Internet so readily available, this is possible for pretty much anyone who has something they love to do or make and who has the drive to turn it into a business.

Online Auctions

Online auction sites are a popular way for people to put up their items for sale and have others bid to purchase those items. While a number of auctions focus on selling books, toys and other manufactured products that the original owner no longer wants, crafted items can also be posted for sale. You can post the painting that you created or the video game console that you fixed, or whatever it is that you’ve done, and see what prices others will pay for it. The possibilities are nearly limitless. While there are many auction sites, eBay is the most widely used.


There are also websites that focus mainly on helping people make money from their hobbies. Etsy allows you to sell just about anything that you have created, from homemade greeting cards to jewelry. A number of people that sign up at the site are able to make a living from their work, but as there are so many members, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. It is important to be aggressive and catch the attention of potential customers.

Your Personal Site

If the above options do not appeal to you, or you want to cover as many bases as you can, you can always create your own personal website. When you create a personal business site, you can hold complete freedom over how everything is put together. You can devote more space to talking about yourself and your hobby, and come up with a layout that fits your personality and tastes. It should be kept in mind, however, that unless you hire somebody to do the coding and designing for you, putting everything together is your responsibility.

Hobbies give people a sense of purpose, and assist them in relieving stress during tough periods. It should not be so difficult to accept, then, that some people would want to turn their hobby into something that pays for their living expenses. You have many options available to you, whether your hobby involves sewing scarves or baking treats. The benefits may not come in right away, but if you do what you can and try, you can get the results that you want.

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Gus Samuels is a personal finance consultant and content contributor for companies offering consumers a credit card for bad credit situations they may have temporarily experienced.