Is it better to pay someone else or do it yourself?

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DIY vs. outsourcing

When starting a new business, there are so many things that need to get done that you can’t possibly do it all yourself. However, each item you outsource will cost you money, and the person doing it may not do it exactly the way you want. You need to look at your list of to-dos and decide what things you should do yourself and what would be fine to hand off to someone else.

Can you do it?

The first and most obvious thing you need to figure out is if you have the ability to do whatever it is that’s on your list. If you have absolutely no idea how to make a website, you might want to think about getting someone else to do it. You can try to learn, but that takes extra time and effort, which you could be using to accomplish something you know how to do and can complete instead.

Do you want to do it?

There are lots of things you have the ability to do, but if you absolutely hate doing it, then maybe you should spend your time on other things that you enjoy to do. If you don’t like to do something, you are more likely to push it off, which could cost you time and money. You might also do it quickly and poorly, which could hurt your business down the road. It’s hard to pay someone to do something that you know you can do, but if you won’t enjoy it and won’t do it well, it could be better to outsource it.

Can someone else do it cheaply and well?

Because you have so many things to do for your business, any little necessary things that won’t cost that much to have others complete while you put your time into bigger and more important aspects of your business. Look into the costs of outsourcing the different projects, and if it’s relatively cheap and doesn’t need to be done in a specific way, it might be better to turn your attention to other items and give that to someone else.

Know when to let it be

If you’re having someone else do something, chances are they won’t do it in exactly the same way you would. However, for lots of things, that should be okay. If it’s still good and done well, you need to be okay with it not being exactly your way. The stress from forcing everything to be exactly your way isn’t going to make things that much better, but will instead wear you out and make you less happy with your endeavor.

Businesses take a lot of time and effort to get up and running, and there are hundreds of little items that will need to be accomplished before you can be successful. You will have to outsource some of these parts because you simply can’t do it all yourself, so think carefully about what needs to happen for your business to accomplish what you want.

Photo Credit: Inbox by Khrawlings/flickr

Richard G. Hamilton is a small-business owner and a content contributor for Kanetix, a car insurance comparison site.