Online Business Idea: Directory Submission Service

start a directory submission service business
Directory submission service - lucrative?
If you are looking for online business ideas, I have one to recommend: Start a niche business offering link building services to website owners. One of the sub-niches I recommend is directory submission services. It’s easy to start and only require minimal technical skills – just look for the right SEO scripts and you are good to go. Read on…

What is directory submission service?

As the name implies, directory submission service allows you to leverage your time by hiring a directory submitter or using directory submission software to submit your website links to link directories and/or your articles to article directories.

Some examples of link directories:,,, and many more. Some examples of article directories:,,, and many more.

Why directory submission service?

Having your links and articles added/published into web directories will give you one-way backlink. A one-way backlink refers to a link pointing to one of your pages in your website. The more related the backlinks, the better they can help you boost your search engine ranking. Quantity helps, too.

Now, you can help website owners by having their links or articles submitted to and/or getting approved in web directories. All you need is a good list of web directories and ways to help you leverage your time in offering such service.

I recommend this type of online business to you because I actually offer such services for clients. I own a semi-automatic directory submission service site, and I would recommend you to take this path. Why?

Why semi-automatic directory submission service?

Submitting to web directories using automated methods is not recommended for one reason: There is a risk of being regarded as a spammer by search engines. Getting your link/article submitted to hundreds or thousands of web directories at once is spamming, indeed.

Now, it’s recommended for directory submission service provider to offer manual directory submission: Adding links to web directories one-by-one manually. As a service provider, this requires a lot of time, and the more clients you serve means you need to hire employees or freelancers. Nothing wrong with it – but you need to manage people to get things done properly.

I prefer offering semi-automatic directory submission service simply because it’s self-serving. I offer a web-based software from which clients can submit their own links/articles manually. The automatic part is on the tools that can help them submit their links/articles faster.

Is directory submission service business lucrative?

Yes! There are many competitors, but the services are on demand; so, to me, this submission service business is serving a high-supply-high-demand market.

Your key to success is on how you can offer things differently because this type of business can trap you in price wars – something you should avoid. You need to position yourself better, serving a certain market segment and niche.

You can charge a client anywhere from $10 to $500, depending on the kind of services requested. So, yes – getting a few big clients can offer you great profits (and yes – the profit margin in this service business is huge!)

How can I make money from the submission services?

You can, of course, use the software yourself, submitting links/articles for your clients as a value-added service. But if you asked me, I prefer to be a business owner, not a service provider. So what I want is to have a web script allowing me to establish a directory submission business and charge users every time they use my semi-automatic submission tools.

PHP Dir Submit is one of such tools I highly recommend to you. I am using it to establish a directory submission site and offer the web tool to users. The script is easy to install and you can actually ask them to install it for you.

PHP Dir Submit is a 3-in-1 directory submission service. Your clients can submit to link directories, article directories and social bookmarking sites.

Making money from the semi-automatic directory submission service is simple. It uses “tokens” – a token will allow a user to submit his/her link or article once to the list. If a user wants to submit more links or articles, he/she will need to buy more token.

Token purchases are handled automatically by the system – it’s integrated with Paypal, so you can get paid straight to your Paypal account from your submission business site. You can set the dollar value of a token – even you can set the tokens to be free to use; your choice.

Tips on starting and running a directory submission business

I do have some tips to help you run your submission services more smoothly:

1. Update your directory lists

Dead or inactive web directories are turn-offs. Make sure you update your directory lists on regular basis. It’s even better for you if you can add more directories to the list so that users can pay the same amount of money for more directories to submit to – it’s valuable for users, I suppose.

2. Offer more added-value services

If you run a semi-automatic directory submission service business, submissions are self-serving. However, how about add value to your service by submitting links/articles on your clients’ behalf?

3. Install your script on a fast web server

In directory submission, speed is a major factor. So, be sure your submission script is a fast-loading one, and be sure your web hosting provider can respond to requests quickly. A good, semi-automatic tool but slow loading is not a good selling point.

So, there you go. Are you ready to start a directory submission service business?

Ivan Widjaya
Directory submission (still) rocks!