How to Use Your Email Signature to Promote Your Business

email signature for business promotion
Email signature
Are you a small business owner who is looking for inexpensive ways to promote your business? Does a free promotional tool sound like a God send? Did you know that you have a Here’s how you can use your email signature as a tool to promote your business and brands…

Pique Curiosity

The email signature illustration below is mine and I’m using it to tell you about how I use it to for one thing let people know that I’m a writer connected with a prestigious writers network and two pique curiosity about what exactly it is that I write about.

I wear many hats…teacher, freelance writer, blogger and artist. My email signature was a gift that the Chillibreeze Solutions Pvt. Ltd, the company I made my debut as a writer with gave me. I use it on all my emails because it elicits responses like…”Mariam, what do you write about?”, “What sort of writing assignments do you undertake?”, “What is Chillibreeze?” and the like.

Mariam Noronha
A preferred member of the writers network

Flaunt Your Slogan

Your slogan or catch line is something that is a very significant part of your advertising message. If Nike has “Just Do It” and you have your own catch line then your email signature is probably the only advertising space where you can flaunt your slogan for free.

Here is an example…

“because scrap needs a quirky makeover!”

Radhika Khaitan +91 98290 65514

Madhvi Khaitan +91 98290 66508

Emblazon Your Logo

A logo has visual appeal and as such has the ability to bring any surface to life. Plain text email signatures are boring and if you have a logo for your product/service, it not only adds a touch of color to your signature but almost always draws attention.

If you are planning on building brand association with an image, symbol or design emblazoning your logo is just the thing to do. What’s more scanning your logo and adding it to your email signature is easy and free!

Build a Customer Database

A little trick that goes a long way in building a customer database that too for free is adding a short message to your email signature. Let me explain this with another illustration…

Keep Surprising


Join us on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=5898129417&ref=ts

Follow us on Twiter: keepsurprising

Add us on skype:


P.S: we are sure we are missing lots of other birthdays/ important days in your life, fill in important occasions on this link on our website:

Note how by Ruchi Chopra, founder of Any Surprise Any Place (ASAP) uses her slogan, “Keep Surprising” as an indispensible part of her email signature. Her way of telling people what her business stands for and a call to action all at once…Keep Surprising!

Also note the last two lines in which she encourages people to register their birthdays and anniversaries on her website. Thereby Ruchi creates a database and the opportunity to connect with people on their special days with an email greeting, something essential to her business of customized surprises.

A little bit of thought and some creativity is all you need to use your email signature to make your mark in signature style as a subtle yet overt advertising appeal.