Why is it Important for Small Businesses to Attend Trade Shows?

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For many businessmen such as wholesalers, retailers, dropshippers and retailers, trade shows are a lifeline. These trade shows not only give you an insight into the buying trends but help you see your competition as well. A trade show is the perfect spot to meet all the existing suppliers of the town, and for suppliers, there cannot be a place better to get new clients.

For small retail businesses as well, trade shows represent great prospects, making it absolutely necessary for them to attend these shows. Following are some of the benefits of attending trade shows.


Traders and suppliers normally have a limited understanding of trade shows’ prospects. They only focus on utilizing the platform to find suppliers and buyers mainly. But the opportunities offered by trade shows are far more than that. If you ask me, I use trade shows primarily for business networking which makes these expos much more lucrative for me in the long run.

Attending trade shows is not that easy. It requires money, time, staff, traveling and thorough preparation, all of which does not come cheap but it is definitely worth the effort. Especially since is no better place to meet new suppliers and small manufacturers than a trade show, where you also get business training and education as an added bonus.

Effective Advertisement

The most appealing aspect of trade shows is advertisement. You can print new business cards for every major trade show and make sure to spread it around. Along with business cards, some brochures and pamphlets with high quality images and precise description also work well. All of these efforts are to make new contacts as well as help suppliers present at the show remember you and the nature of your business.

Exchange of Valuable Information

Attending trade shows and benefiting from them requires more than finances. It requires skills and observations. You can make the most of a trade show by exchanging information with your fellow traders. Keep it in mind that traders, unlike corporate men do not prefer dealing with over efficient and sharp folks. Staying open and fair while interacting with vendors and fellow booth men is how I won so many contacts. Always make a point of sharing the knowledge you acquire through these dealings with others as well.

Virtues of Patience

I have learnt many vital tips for expanding clientele and also for product sourcing and all through the trade shows I attended. I bet you can also benefit from someone’s experience. Just make sure to note everything down and later discuss its prospects with your business partner to implement it. Taking pictures at the show is also helpful as it might give you new ideas about how to make your booth more attractive for the next expo. Posting these pictures on your website can help boost your credibility for you virtual customers.

It is very important to show patience while you are at a trade show. Respecting and caring for the fellows is also going to help you. I would recommend that you attend trade show even if you have to borrow money from someone to take care of the expenses for attending because the value you reap from one visit for your small retail or even wholesale business is huge.

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Ivan Widjaya

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