How to Get a Brand Name for Free

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Small business branding tips
If you are a small business owner who does not have a big marketing budget then coming up with the elements of an advertising campaign could be difficult. Difficult (without a lot of money) but not impossible. Here are 3 great ways in which you can get brand names even logos and advertising campaigns for free…

Facebook Contest

People participation is a great way of coming up with brand names. One of my friends runs a hijab business under the name “The Hijab Design Studio”. This name came up after she floated a contest on Facebook. The prize on offer was a designer stole from her latest collection and the response to the contest was great!

Facebook is a great platform for promoting businesses for free and you can use it to get your family, friends and customers to suggest brand names, logos, slogans and even design an ad campaign. One way to motivate people to pitch in is by offering a prize which may be your own product, a discount coupon or royalty if you want to go all the way.

Ask Your Customers

If you don’t want to take the tech savvy route or use social media simply asking your customers to come up with suggestions might help. Some ways to make this work…

Keep a box and request customers to put their suggestions in writing and drop them in the box.

Organize an impromptu contest with fun and games to get customers involved and interested.

You will be surprised by the results you’ll get!

An Inter-Collegiate Competition

Students are a powerhouse of talent, energy and creativity. Use that power to boost your advertising campaign or develop one. As a teacher of advertising I always have at least one session with my students which involves giving them actual or fictitious products, services or stores for which they have to create hoarding or print advertisements.

The results in terms of quality and finesse are not always good but there are instances in which students do come up with very good and innovative advertisements. If small business owners approach colleges and organize such contests among students then they could reward the efforts of winners with a gift hamper and credit for the campaign.

Definitely cheaper and almost free when compared to the big bucks they would have to otherwise shell out at an advertising agency!

Did you like the ideas I came up with? Do you have some of your own that you’d like to share? Then I’d love to hear about them!