The Top 5 Most Affordable Payroll Services

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Payroll service providers offer an extremely beneficial service to the companies that employ them; processing payroll is among the most important administrative task for any business because of the complexity and labor hours that it requires. A payroll service provider can help a company increase the amount of resources it has simply by taking the burden of payroll processing off the hands of the company. With a payroll service provider a company can keep employees happy while satisfying all the taxing authorities with minimal effort.

Some payroll service providers are better than others, although most of them excel in a certain area. The following are the five most affordable payroll service providers; when a company outsources payroll servicing it often is looking for cost savings, so finding an affordable payroll service provider is of utmost importance.

1. Intuit Online Payroll: Intuit Online Payroll is one of the most affordable payroll service providers on the market and it provides a whole host of services. It can help you with human resource outsourcing, tax support and many other things as well. Many large companies use Intuit Online Payroll because it has proven its worth in the past.

2. Wizard Payroll Services: Wizard Payroll is on the same level of affordability as Intuit Online Payroll but its help and support as well as its software integration is of slightly less quality than Intuit Online Payroll. Wizard Payroll is a payroll service provider that looks out for its client and has proven that it can handle the human resource load of many big companies.

3. Paychex: Paychex is slightly pricier than both of the preceding companies but this could be because it offers different and more expensive services than Intuit and ONPay. Paychex offers human resource outsourcing, tax support, filing services and offers many other different types of support as well for small, medium and large-size companies. Paychex, like all the other payroll service providers, can help companies significantly reduce their costs and move resources into more client-focused areas, such as product engineering and customer service – doing so will help the bottom line of many companies.

4. SurePayroll: Slightly more expensive than Paychex, SurePayroll is a great option for any company who is looking to save some money and who is willing to try outsourcing some of its peripheral functions to a payroll service provider. SurePayroll offers human resource outsourcing, tax support and many other services, a lot of which other payroll service providers offer but some that others do not and can help companies grow quickly by saving them money and enabling them to focus on more important endeavors than human resources optimization.

5. ProPayroll: Lastly, ProPayroll is around the cost level of SurePayroll and Paychex and also offers a whole suite of services to its customers. With ProPayoll, as is true with many other payroll service providers, you will receive help in lowering you human resource costs and will be able to focus on your product and customer service.