Books Every Starting Entrepreneur Should Read

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Setting out on a new venture as a business owner has it challenges. Consulting the ideas of successful entrepreneurs before you will go a long way in help you get prepared.

As starting a business goes, finance, personnel management, marketing are some of the cardinal points an entrepreneur has grasp even if at basic level. Reading good books on business is a good way to started unraveling the mysteries of successful entrepreneurship. As far as personal finance goes, an entrepreneur you’ll better off reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Rich Dad Poor Dad is different things to different people. Though a few regard the book as controversial the awareness of finance, it will give you is worth it.

Think and Grow Rich will set your mind firmly on the part to creative thinking and utmost determination. It is the best mind-conditioner for successful thinking which you’ll need a dose of in your race for entrepreneur glory. When the tough moments come you’ll definitely need the wisdom in Think and Grow Rich to keep the desire burning.

On handling of personnel which many entrepreneur believe is about the hardest thing in business, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People will definitely help in getting your business associates and staff to work well with you.

Management books like The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard, Market Based Management by Roger Best would also do you a lot of good.

You’ll also want to read spirit-lifting books by massively successful entrepreneurs, a few of the best;

Art of The Deal (Donald Trump)

Losing my Virginity (Richard Branson)

Finally, Microsoft guru, Bill Gates book “Business at the Speed of Thought“ will give a helpful insight on business at this age of the internet and technological innovations. The wisdom and ideas in these books will help a budding entrepreneur develop more confidence and will to survive in the increasingly competitive business world.

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