How to Get a Full House for Your Next Seminar

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1. Get your seminar product right: one of the greatest sins of seminar promotion is to have no concrete idea of what you are promoting. Whether you are contemplating organizing a public speaking seminar to teach some technical skills or even a career development seminar it is vital you first determine the nature and scope of your seminar product.

The seminar product is the skill, you will be teaching, ideas you will be hoping to pass to attendant’s etc. get your seminar product refined and concise. Don’t try to promote a seminar that aims to teach several things. Focus your seminar on one key topic, issue or information.

2. Find out who your target audience is: when you have decided exactly what the seminar will be all about then it will be easier to define your target audience (the group of person who most probably has the need for your seminar) locating your target audience is key to having greater focus in your seminar promotion.

If you are planning a seminar on career development and job hunting you will have your target audience as graduates, youth corpers etc. these are the set of people most probable to be interested in your seminar.

If you locate the right people for your seminar your promotion strategies become more focused.

3. Find how to reach them: if you have defined your target audience what are the best, most cost-effective ways and place to reach them?

If you have limited budget (which is mostly the case for seminar promoters) you will have to think hard enough and come up with idea of places where you can easily locate large groups of your target audience. This way you can promote to them directly and get a high percentage response.

You will invariably need a strong, attention grabbing message to get a good response when you have located the best places to find your target audience.

4. Set your budget? How you reach your target audience and the strategies you employ will be determined to some extent by the depth of your pocket. You will have to get an idea of how much you hope to spend in promoting your seminar.

Of course, your budget will be determined based on whether the seminar is expected to be a revenue generating one, lead generating or plain awareness seminar to build knowledge and publicity about a particular brand or service (this is especially used by multi-level marketers to introduce their various programs on offer)

5. The online option: if your budget is low (and even if it’s not) consider the online seminar promotion option. You can use a variety of means such as social media (facebook, forums) to create greater awareness and promote your seminar.

Facebook, has features that enable you create an event and invite all your friends to attend. You can include all important information about the event and the venue.

To make it more effective you can create multiple accounts and make friends from your target audience and location. You can quickly build up thousands of friends if you keep committed and post useful information on related topics.

Explore, join and contribute meaningfully to discussion forums where issues related to your seminar topic or information is discussed.

If you have the time, you can start a blog (though this may take your time and distract you from your immediate aims)

6. Explore local options: research and find out local radio station in your area. See if there are talk show programmes relating to your seminar scope that you can get on and share useful information. If there is a program for youths, you can approach the host for a discussion on unemployment for instance (if you are planning career/job hunting seminar)

Also search out and contribute to local publications that are read by your target audience.

7. piggyback marketing: if you have a lean budget for your seminar promotion, you can ride on the back of other businesses or organization that have customers who belong to your target audience, place your flier there and you can even offer discounts to people who come through them.

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