How to Use Twitter to Build Your Business Brand

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Perhaps one of the most surprising uses of the site Twitter is that it is very effective to use in building a business brand. Especially in youth oriented industries (but not only in youth oriented industries – more people are online than you think), Twitter has been known to reach consumers that normally would not know about a business, especially businesses with no prior reputation.

Below are a few ways of how to use Twitter to build your business brand.

1. Offer loss leaders and sales on Twitter.

Since Twitter is a real time, to the point type of application, it is the premier application for offering something that will immediately grab the attention of your audience. This works especially well for appointment based businesses. Instead of sitting idly by after a last minute cancellation, why not fill the void with a Twitter message that offers 25% off for the next customer?

2. Twitter is easily accessible by mobile device.

Twitters, as well as Facebook, have taken great strides to incorporate itself seamlessly into the mobile operating systems. What this means for businesses is opportunities to immediately drive customer traffic to the store with a high conversion rate. Many market researchers agree that people are much more likely to buy or come by the store that they see on a mobile device, as they are out and about already. The business that sends their customers Tweets via mobile device is sure to convert many of these consumers.

3. Use Twitter to keep your business top of mind.

The main reason that many businesses do not have the repeat customers that they should is that they do not remarket themselves to customers who have bought or who have visited and not purchased yet. Twitter allows you to keep your business top of mind by unobtrusively offering information that could be related to your business, but not necessarily. People will not open an email that they sense is a company sales letter. They are much more likely to read a Tweet from a business reporting on a sale that is being offered currently, or even a short humorous anecdote of some sort. In this case, you must be sure to have your Tweet name be something that calls to mind your business instantly, so do not get too creative with the name here.

4. Incorporate Twitter into your web framework and your offline promotion as well.

Your Twitter site can provide your customers with yet another way to stay connected with your business that no other site can. While Facebook could have you posing in pictures with happy customers, and LinkedIn can explain your business to suppliers or potential partners, Twitter is the site for the most immediate updates. You should have links to and from your Twitter site which go to every other site that you own, and it is a great idea to invest in QR codes which lead straight to the sales offers mentioned in point 1.

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