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Entering Startup
Following up my last article a while ago about the keys to business success according to the Bible, I take this opportunity to offer you more tips – this time on how to plunge yourself into entrepreneurship and start making a difference.

How I enter (online) entrepreneurship

When I was entering entrepreneurship, it was difficult, yet exciting situation for me. I was not born as entrepreneur and for my whole life my plan would only include these plans: Study well, get a job and hold on to that job for the next 30 years or so.

Lucky for me, I “accidentally” read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (Mr. Kiyosaki – I owe you one!) Since then, I immerse myself in Robert’s books and I finally discovered that there are many ways to reach financial freedom – For me, get a well-paid and steady job is rank first in the bottom of my list.

To cut long story short, I finally started to plunge myself into entrepreneurship by opening a business service store. The first few weeks involved sleepless night because of many things going on in my head: How to run my business well? How to repay all the business debts? How to make my business reach its ROI faster? What if I fail?

About my first business – It’s a franchise unit, and along the way I finally learned that franchising is not really for me. Following strict guidelines in developing a franchise unit is not my “game.”

I decided to call it quit – due to my lack of experience and the pressure of recession; I then enter the “real” world of entrepreneurship – with many things unknown available for me to explore: Online entrepreneurship – a “career” I started about 3 years ago – and I really enjoy every bit of my webpreneurial journey – including every failure and success.

So, how exactly I leaped into web entrepreneurship?

How to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship

I do have a couple of tips to share you in helping you take the leap of faith into the interesting and fascinating world of entrepreneurship.

I am a Christian and despite my shortcomings, I am fortunate I have God and the Bible to guide me along the way, getting past trials and tribulations. So, I’d like to base these business tips on the Bible – the verse: Romans 12:2…

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2 NIV

1. Do not conform to the pattern of this world

The world tells you that you need money to make money; the world tells you that you can’t be successful because you lack of education and experience; the world tells you that make money online is a myth; your family and friends might tell you it’s impossible for you to succeed in what you do…

Don’t conform to those thinking; you see, God has given us talents (potential) to leverage us to reach new heights – your job is to maximise your potential so that you can be successful in your life and when people see you, they see God glorified in your life.

2. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Your mindset is very, very important. Business-wise, your mindset will let you determine how you will walk your entrepreneurial journey.

What’s your view about failure? You attitude toward failures will determine how successful you are as an entrepreneur.

I personally follow the advices that I should embrace failures as part of your entrepreneurship education; consider your capital investment on your failing business as the “cost” to learn about entrepreneurship – just like paying fees for attending a college. Make sense, eh?

I also embrace this principle: A successful entrepreneur is he/she who succeeds more than failing. So, if you fail 1,000 times, you need to make sure that you success 1,001 times to be considered as a successful entrepreneur.

You need help from mentors – those who have been there and done that; those who can transform your way of thinking so that you can be a “proper” entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship requires hard work and God’s blessings!

Do your part and God will do His part – you can’t just expect to win a lottery to be a successful entrepreneur; entrepreneurship involves hard work, and hard work pays off handsomely, IF you do it the right way with the right attitude.

You reap what you sow – so be sure you walk your entrepreneurship journey well – and do what you should do: Trust in God and please Him in your endeavours, help others to find success, give back to your community… take the extra miles to make your entrepreneurial journey more worthwhile: Mentor others, volunteers, and many other things.

Remember, you can decide how you want to walk your entrepreneurial journey. Decide wisely.

Ivan Widjaya
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