Infographic: What is Social Commerce?

social commerce
Screenshot of a Facebook store
Small business owners – have you use Facebook to sell your products? If not, you are missing out big opportunities large and micro retailers are enjoying right now. Welcome to the world of social commerce.

What is social commerce?

Social commerce – in essence is commerce activities done in social media platforms, such as Facebook. So, yes – if you happen to stumble on a Facebook user selling goods online via their Facebook account, he/she is doing social commerce.

Social commerce is often dubbed as “the next big thing” simply because the nature of social media itself, that enables businesses – especially retailers – to “hire” an army of brand evangelists who will buzz your brands and products to their network; it’s so powerful, indeed.

Why social commerce?

We know that Facebook is THE social media, but is it really converting fans into buyers? The answer is yes.

Many retailers are using Facebook because it turns out that once According to a survey, Facebook users become fans of the brand names Facebook page, more than half of them will likely to buy from them.

Moreover, retailers use their Facebook pages to promote exclusive deals – other than product listing – that are only accessible once a Facebook user fans them. This sense of exclusivity will help retailers get more fans naturally.

As a fan of the retailer, you will get more fan-only perks – typically limited offers only available for fans, discounts, etc. So – if you want to access the deals, fan the Facebook page of your favourite retailer!

And check this out: 77% of people like getting exclusive offers that can be redeemed via Facebook.

This is a HUGE opportunity to engage potential buyers into real buyers, as well as real buyers into brand evangelists – your brand name and products will go viral, and it’s ultra-effective when you include social commerce into your sales and marketing tactic book.

I have been recommended this social commerce infographic by TabJuice, a provider of social commerce and marketing tool, and also one of the best Facebook apps today; it’s a very useful infographic and I recommend you to view it – and be enlightened!

what is social commerce

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