What is Wrong With Marketing Videos?

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Although the role of video production as a corporate marketing strategy has grown significantly with the development of internet, it is still the case that a good number of marketing videos just do not work.

Short and Sweet

One of the cardinal sins for internet videos is to make them overly long; the fact is that when they are sat in front of a computer screen, a person’s attention wanders at frequent intervals. It is true, that a properly produced video with a good script can have many benefits for your business, but a growing number are poorly produced, which is probably why they fail to work.

Hone Your Script

If you really are thinking about having a corporate marketing video made, then ask around about a good promotional video production company. Not all companies have the needed expertise to produce a good video. One of the areas where some marketing videos fail is in having a poor script.

The fact is that the mainstay of any successful video is its script, which is why a poorly written script could see your marketing video sink without trace. When you are working from a script, telling people about your business, your product, and how it can benefit them, the writing needs to be clear, concise and to the point.

Anything wordy on a marketing video needs to be cut out because it can turn the person working with that script into a bore – which is the last thing you want. A good script should be able to deliver your message to your target market in as few words as possible – think what your product can do for them.

Keep The Viewer Interested

A marketing video that is more than ten minutes long (in the worst cases, shorter ones too) will have the watcher yawning and ready to switch the off button. You cannot sell to a person if you are boring the pants off them.

Most people who take the time to watch a marketing video want to know what’s in it for them, not how successful you are. You can usually tell a professionally produced video to a cheap amateur one because of the difference in production values.

A bad script, sloppy editing and grainy images will do nothing for your credibility or for the watcher, who again is likely to switch the off button before you finish. If you want a marketing video that will work, then you need a video production company that has a great editor, a quality, professional cameraman and a broadcasting camera – anything less and you are looking at poor production.

Target Your Message

One of the problems in marketing videos is that the person is trying too hard. Unless you have a script that is concise and designed to keep members of your target market watching, your video will fail. A targeted message that speaks directly to a specific group of people is more likely to get picked up on by the search engines, and a lot more likely to attract potential buyers.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Black Hawk Productions video production Nottingham. Crispin writes on different ways businesses can take advantage of technology.