Why You should do Video Marketing for Your Business (plus Some Tips on How to Do It Right)

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Video marketing campaign
I run several business blogs and I have done some testing in the past 6 months to see whether video marketing is as good as many suggest. I start seeing results and I recommend you to test the water. One word of advice: Use video converter to find the best balance of video’s file size and quality.

I haven’t done much on Noobpreneur.com and I thought it would be a great strategy to launch a small video marketing campaign for my new business blog. So I have a go promoting one of my business blogs using videos purely containing reviews on the blog. I use the same video marketing strategy to another blog of mine, and I see similar results. This is encouraging, and the return of investment is great, in my opinion.

Video marketing campaign I do

Like what I mentioned above, the videos I use for my business are purely reviews; that being said, I hire people to tell the audience what they think of my business blog. The videos are unscripted, as I want unbiased opinion from them – I do want honest opinion videos, not commercials.

The video reviews I receive will be uploaded to YouTube and several other video sites, and I write a blog post about each video review I receive for an added exposure.

Results and some video marketing tips

The results of my effort is not too shabby; it is encouraging to a point that I am planning on doing video marketing on a larger scale, such as creating video tutorials, etc.

Some of the video reviews are getting good exposure – hundreds of views, a couple fails. I would like to share with you so that you don’t have to do what didn’t work… here are some tips from my own experience so far:

1. Host your video on your site vs. on YouTube

I recommend you to host your video on video sites for maximum exposure – the more the better. Uploading to YouTube is a must as it gains huge daily traffic, so the traffic trickles will definitely benefit your video marketing campaign.

However, there are times you need to host your video on your site, especially if it contains tutorials and such. So you might want to consider to host your better quality videos on site while use the lower quality videos to drive traffic to your site from video sites.

2. Covert your video format

Related to #1 above, you need to convert your video format; since your video is for the web, you need to focus on balancing your video file size and quality. Ideally, you would want your videos to be downloaded quickly and have good quality, preferably HD-quality.

I just tried SourceTec Software Co.‘s Sothink Video Converter Pro, and I recommend you to try the Free Video Converter version first to see whether the software can be a useful tool in your video marketing campaign.

With the video converter, you can convert your videos in batch – so you can safe a lot of time. I try to convert my videos and they are converted literally in minutes. I also successfully reduce my video file size – for example, I can reduce a video file size of my 13MB MOV (for Apple Quicktime) video review into a 5MB WMV (for Windows Media Player) video. Nice.

The Pro Version can produce HD quality video, up to 1080p – and can covert your video to over 200 video formats and devices – AVI, MP4, or FLV for your iPhone, PSP and more – full supported. The price tag is $25, and I think it’s a good investment if you are serious about your video marketing efforts.

Need to take good-quality snapshot of your video to blog about in your business blog? The Pro Version can turn your videos into image series in popular image formats, such as JPG, PNG, and GIF.

3. Hire the right reviewers

Of course, your video visual and audio quality is meaningless if the review is poorly done. You need to hire the right reviewers who know what they are doing.

By “poorly done” I refer to the quality of the reviews, not the positivity or negativity of the reviews; your reviewers can critique your websites badly in engaging manner!

So it’s only common sense for you to look for reviewers who are recommended by their previous clients – I strongly recommend you to work with reviewers with track record to avoid wasting your resources.

Good luck in your video marketing endeavours!

Ivan Widjaya
Video marketing for small business