How to Start a Food Cart Business (plus a Contest and a Bonus Guide)

food cart business
The best dumpling pod in Portland, OR
I thought that food cart business is only booming on Asian region. It seems that I have been narrow-minded. This fascinating news video from Business on Main will take you for a visit to The Food Truck Capital of America: Portland, Oregon.

When I heard about food carts, all I’m thinking is good food at great price. In Portland, OR, this is also the case – and plenty of choices, too – in fact, there are 600 of them!

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In downtown Portland, you can find a group of 50 food carts (a.k.a. pods) – offering anything from Chinese dumplings (that also feature cheese and bacon dumplings) to Bosnian pitas.

So, is it really lucrative to start a food cart business? How to start one?

Food cart business: Lucrative?

The answer is yes – food carts in any big cities offering unique street food experience will almost be a success.

Almost all big cities in the world feature great street foods sold by food carts. I’ve been in some parts of the world, and most of them feature great foods in trucks and carts (I enjoyed those baked potatoes cart in downtown Wolverhampton, England, UK during my stay in UK some years ago.)

Mobile food business (in carts or trucks) are typically one type of food and beverage business that allows you to reach your return on investment quickly.

How to start a food cart business?

Food truck business in downtown Portland also proves to be successful business model. However, you might expect long working hours, especially when your cart is busy.

From the Business on Main news video I mentioned above, Ziba Ljucevic, the owner of Ziba’s Pitas, works 18 to 20 hours a day. Hiring an assistant could work, but since most – if not all – food carts are featuring well-kept secret recipes – something that you obviously won’t share with anybody.

To start a food cart business, you need to obtain a license from local city council. And just like any other business startup, you need a certain amount of startup capital. We can learn from the food truck news video that you would require $10,000 – $15,000 as startup capital. Affordable, and like what Reid Barrett, the owner of The Dump Truck selling dumplings, says, the investing is relatively affordable; you can do it without proposing for a loan to the bank.

A little contest…

So, what do you think of food cart business? Is it a lucrative small business idea? Please share your opinion – with a twist :)

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Food Trucks Take An America City By Storm

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