10 Apps for the Entrepreneur 2011

iphone apps for entrepreneur
An entrepreneur doing business on the go

An entrepreneur is constantly on the go and needs applications on their iPhone that not only keeps up with a busy schedule, but which also helps their business in some way. Fortunately, the iPhone apps cover almost any business need an entrepreneur might want handy.

Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation for the iPhone is a great mobile app for those who can use dictation software. The software allows you to speak into the phone and then it writes the words into a text file of some type. From there, you can text, tweet or write memos without needing to find a computer or laboriously typing it out on the tiny keyboard of a mobile phone.

Fuze Meeting:

Fuze Meeting is a great mobile app for the entrepreneur with an iPhone. This app is designed for video conferencing. It allows screen sharing of data and will let you fetch anyone who is not yet at the meeting.


Bump is a business app for the iPhone that makes it easy to swap information with business partners or contacts. Simply bump the iPhone with the contact’s phone and the mobile phone number and data are automatically added to the phone via wireless transmissions. It saves embarrassment after running out of business cards and avoids the loss of data due to losing a small piece of paper.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite:

The iPhone application, Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, is an online service that allows a busy entrepreneur to access their Microsoft Office Productivity Suite. You can open and share documents, spreadsheets or any other data in the Microsoft Office. It saves time and prevents the need to carry a laptop.

Google Mobile App:

The Google Mobile App is a convenient application for any entrepreneur to put on his or her iPhone. Access anything from Google News and Maps to a Gmail account or a Google search engine from any location.


Omnifocus is the iPhone personal assistant app that helps organize data and keep entrepreneurs on task throughout the day. Avoid missing that lunch meeting, birthday or any other major event for business or personal life with an app to keep everything organized.

BAM Analytic Pro:

BAM Analytic Pro is the iPhone app designed to help monitor and maintain any entrepreneur’s website. The Internet is a major part of a successful business and this app helps develop the best website to bring in more sales and determine where sales are starting to fall off. It helps keep the business going.

Scan2PDF Mobile:

Scan2PDF Mobile is the application designed to help scan documents on the go. Since most people don’t carry a document scanner with them, this makes use of the camera on a phone to scan documents into the phone and put it in a PDF file when a scanner is not available.

Mi Phone Book:

The iPhone app titled Mi Phone Book is one of several phonebook application options available for the iPhone. This particular phonebook app works with social networking to keep contact information on your iPhone up to date. For the busy entrepreneur, you don’t have time to search online social media accounts for phone numbers the live updating as soon as contact information is put into the networks via the notification option saves time and prevents the loss of contact data due to changing numbers or email addresses.

My Eyes Only:

My Eyes Only is an iPhone app that helps protect personal and business data such as credit card numbers, passwords and financial information. The app encrypts the data with strong coding that ensures you are the only person accessing the financial data on your iPhone. It is ideal for the entrepreneur whose phone might have client data as well.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the use of some iPhone apps that help improve their organization, security and ability to work while on the go.