Using Free Web Templates to Save Money When Launching Your Business Online

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Entrepreneurism is a dream for just about everyone, but few do it and an even smaller amount of people are able to do it well. In fact, I sat through a lecture some time ago where the speaker said pointedly, “most startups fail because they spend too much money too early and do not properly understand the costs involved with getting their business off the ground.”

Entrepreneurs, especially those who are on their second, third and fourth ventures know the pain of starting all over. And, if you crashed and burned the first time, you should have learned from the potential mishaps. One way you can certainly eliminate some of the costs associated with starting one’s own business is by doing all website stuff – cheaply – at least at first.

There are a number of meaningful sources on the web where you can get cheap web templates. Some sites even offer high quality free web templates. These sites can vary greatly from a simple HTML or CSS template to the more user-friendly content management (CMS) solutions available on the market today. The most notable include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Free HTML and CSS solutions are great. It behooves most small businesses to utilize one of the open source solutions.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all include an easy-to-use backend which allows for seamless content additions, content management, page creation and even blog posting capabilities. You can more easily publish and change content on-the-fly.

If you are new to PHP, HTML or any other web-based programming language, you will most likely still need a little bit of training on the ins and outs, especially if you want to make very customized changes to the design or functionality of your website. However, if your custom design is not vital, but a “good enough” outlay will do, then perhaps waiting to get a high graphically stimulating design would best suit your particular needs. This is my personal preference. Get your site live with a free template, get it indexed, and start publishing content.

For the would-be budding entrepreneur, getting a website live and looking good cheaply is now easier than ever before. Unless you are looking for some highly-involved, complex system on your website, most website functionality can be performed through simple open source tools and free templates available to you across the web.