Conference Calls for Small Businesses

free conference call for small business
In the middle of a conference call

Free conference calls are taking the business world by storm as more and more people look to ease the stress on their hectic daily schedules. Some people are so busy that they don’t even have time to travel to meetings now, which means that conference calling is a godsend. The technology, which is now available on smartphones from companies like PowWowNow, allows people to minimise travel time and maximise productivity in the office.

Many companies are offering free services now, too, so the function is an ideal tool for small businesses and even start-up companies. With conference calling, you can stay in close contact with your clients and business partners without spending a single cent. It is also a great way to be in touch with potential clients and business partners, although meeting in person is probably the preference in this instance.

If it is managed properly and only the necessary people are invited to participate in the call, a telephone conference can be extremely effective. It does not, of course, even have to be carried out in the office these days because of smartphone technology. A conference calling app on your phone is a remarkably simple and efficient way of keeping up to date with your business needs and arrangements. The free conference calling app from PowWowNow is free in the iTunes Store and in the Android Market.

Programmes like Skype also offer video conferencing for your business if you would prefer a virtual face-to-face meeting. There is a fee for this service, but voice call conferences are free with Skype as long as every participant is using the programme.

Conference calling gives you more time to get on with the rest of your business needs and they are much quicker and easier to schedule than a meeting in person. A conference can be set up on an ad hoc basis and is the perfect way to address issues as soon as they arise, so it adds fluency and pace to your business.

Before you go ahead with a conference call, you will need to make sure that sufficient preparation has been made so no time and effort is wasted.The time you will save on traveling present the perfect opportunity to plan for the call. Set yourself a goal, a desired outcome that you want to reach with the call to make it worthwhile. Conference calling can, indeed, become a valuable tool for your small business – it would be unwise to ignore its potential!