Top 5 Mobile CRM Applications

mobile crm applications
Mobile CRM

As you know there are many types of software’s available in the market to make your business tasks done easier. Today companies are spending more money for management solutions such as customer relationship management, contact management and activity management solutions. This is mainly because of the need for maintaining a good balance in their business functionalities. Having a good relationship with the customers are important than ever before. People are well aware of the service they receive from companies. By realizing this necessity companies are now giving great importance to customer relationship management.

Mobile CRM is gaining greater amount of importance these days. Mobile CRMs are very important to provide better efficiency and productivity for your sales and marketing teams. As they will be working away from the office most of the times, it will be very crucial for them to access important customer information while on the move using their smart phones or tablets. Following are some of the top Mobile CRM Apps available in the market today.

Sugar Mobile

It is mainly for iPhone or iPad users. It is an excellent extension made available by the sugar enterprise editions. This application makes it easier for you to access, modify and interact with important customer details while you are away from the office. You can also make calls and emails to specific contact details to interact with the customers. Moreover, you can make use of the google map feature to locate the customer location. Mobile

This is a good example for an efficient mobile CRM application. Using Mobile application you can view and organize all your most relevant customer information online in a folder or file arrangement. You can change any of these files quickly to a webpage according to your convenience. This application can be used in a variety of devices such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad.

SalesForce Chatter

It is one among the most widely used mobile CRM applications. SalesForce Chatter is considered as one of the first mobile CRM application and platform in the industry. In order to increase the productivity of your sales and marketing teams this application has developed popular features of some of the social networks such as profiles, news feeds, status updates and more. Everything that is saved in within your cloud CRM solution is accessible with this SalesForce Chatter application.

WebCRM Mobile

This is one of the applications your employees can get to achieve necessary customer data without calling to office. You can get all information without any delay with WebCRM Mobile application.


It is mainly a mobile CRM application that comes with a social CRM program. It provides mobile access to basic CRM functionalities as well as to some of the social networking contacts, thus increasing your effectiveness in marketing and sales. The main aim of Batchbook application is to provide relevant information to all members of your sales and marketing teams to increase their success rates and to keep good interactions with the customers consistently.

There are also many other options available, do a comprehensive study and select the best one for your needs.

Simon Johnson is full time business management writer for one of the most popular European CRM vendors – WebCRM. After several years of business management writing, he prefers to write about mobile CRM and web-based CRM, and here you can find more info about these terms.