Why Mapping Your Customers’ DNA Is Possible With The Right BigCommerce CRM

If you’re selling online, you’re likely hosting your products on three places: Amazon, eBay and your online store. One of the most popular shopping cart software services out there is BigCommerce. What began as a fledgling service has slowly but surely grown into a serious contender in this competitive space. It’s a wonderful service that makes it easy to get up and running and selling online.

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To succeed with your online store, though, you’ll need more than just great products, low prices, fast shipping and easy returns; you’ll require the competitive advantage. One way to get there is by integrating the right BigCommerce CRM software solution. How can an ecommerce customer relationship management tool help you grow your customers base and improve retention?

Here are 3 powerful reasons why:

1. Making Sense of Cross-Channel Metrics

One of the most difficult aspects of selling across multiple sales channels is knowing how your numbers add up across the board. Since services like BigCommerce don’t really talk to your Amazon or eBay store, you’ll need a way to consolidate your cross-channel metrics.

The right ecommerce CRM does this in real-time. How, you might be wondering? Well, it plugs into your BigCommerce store and also communicates with your Amazon and eBay accounts via API. This allows it to pull all your customer data and order histories, enabling the creating of instant customer contacts with real-time features that help you improve customer service and retention.

2. Tasks & Team Management

Running an online business requires that you have the right team members in place. How your team proactively addresses and resolves issues and coordinates work methods is critical to your success. While some services, like Slack or Asana, help you connect your team, you’ve got other options here, too.

A good CRM features a robust team management portal. This allows your entire team to connect and create tasks, send messages and files, and more. It also helps create an accountability factor that ensures that your team is par for the course at all times. Doing so enables swift resolution of customer service issues while preserving the history of each customer account and team interaction simultaneously.

Why Mapping Your Customers’ DNA is Possible with the Right BigCommerce CRM

3. Improving the Customer Journey

The customer journey begins with the first interaction they have with your online store. Where it goes from there is entirely up to you. How can you improve this journey? By monitoring customer habits and tendencies, identifying trendsetters, poor performing products and high return items, and making subtle changes to improve that journey across the board.

The great news is that an ecommerce CRM helps you tap into this data in real-time. It gives you an invaluable way to determine how your products perform across all your sales channels while tethering in viable customer support and retention tools that help you build and improve relationships from day one.

Conclusion: The Key to Mapping a Customers’ DNA

To be successful with ecommerce, you need to know who your customers are, what they want, and how you can give them the experience that keeps them coming back for future purchases. Doing so without the right tools in place is near impossible.

However, when armed with the right marketing weapons, you can easily consolidate data, improve the customer journey, learn more about your customers and build a data-based relationship model that fully maps the customer’s DNA—so you can make the most of every interaction