Is It Safe To Invest In A Trading Robot: SCAM or NOT?

Forex trading is a great way of getting some extra cash, and it has gone wild with the advent of the Internet with many brokers having an online platform where its clients can trade.

Forex trading is not a walk in the park, a fact that has made may traders to go back to the drawing board to come up with new trading strategies.

Forex trading robot

Among many strategies that traders employ, one of them involves the use of a trading robot. Using a trading robot is a great approach that some traders claim has led them to execute successful trades in the Forex sector. is an example of a site that allows one to deal directly with these trading robots.

What Is The Trading Robot?

The trading robot is an automated program that executes trades on behalf of the trader after observing trends on the Forex market and ensuring they go in tandem with the set parameters from the trader.

These robots are noted to be efficient in getting the right information on the options’ market and making a great bargain on behalf of the client. Its legitimacy has been often questioned on whether it is real or just a scam as its mode of operation which promises great returns have been seen as being too good to be true.

How The Trading Robots Work

The robots support automated trading and do not require the trader to perform trade physically. They usually eliminate the psychological aspect of trading in trade initiations on the Forex market.

Once a trader has set some parameters to be followed in time and the financial instruments that are preferred, the robot will run a scan through the charts on the broker’s platform.

The scan is for the purposes of getting the right time factor and also to get a note of the trends on the market. This makes it a great trading tool that had some eyebrows raised due to its simplicity.

For example in trading with cryptocurrencies units such as the Bitcoin, the Forex robot will analyze the Bitcoin market efficiently and acquire the right timing on when to trade on it.

With the Bitcoin profit calculator that will calculate the strength of the bitcoin option and also show when are the right times to purchase or sell in terms of overbought and oversold conditions.

If you a professional trader, you can choose the new VIP PAMM package which would drastically accelerate your previous earnings. With the loss coverage feature, there’s nothing to be worried about as you are guaranteed to take your funds and profits back without any extra charges.

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Are The Trading Robots Credible Or Are They A Scam?

In the Forex circles it’s nor rare to hear of trading robots being a scam to reap off the traders’ funds. While it may be true as some fraudulent brokers may use faulty trading robots that dupe its clients. At myfxbook ROFX you are assured that all is safe and that your funds will not go into losses from using robots.

So yes, some trading robots may be frauds but not all of them. To escape this tap, a trader needs to sign up with a credible broker, and if they offer the expert trading advice they need to deeply analyze it and ensure it submits.

A faulty trading robot does not even use the stop-loss order, and you may awaken to the shock of losing a lot after entrusting your trading exploits to this program. Also as a trader you need to have clearly set parameters that the robot can peruse through easily and reduce the chances of you striking a loss.

You can also have custom trading robots that you can either download or modify parameters in some trading platforms.


Trading robots are a great addition to your trading strategy as a Forex trader, and despite the claims of it being a scam, they may be the much-needed gateway to a great trading strategy.

Have careful analysis skills before settling on a trading robot so that you do not fall in the trap of fraudulent robots that will lead to losses. At ROFX you are guaranteed the best trading robots that will leave you smiling all the way to fortunes in this volatile market.