The 3 Key Ingredients for Entrepreneurial Success: An Inspiring Video

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Put on a blanket over your back and be a SUPERMAN!
I have just stumbled across a rather touching but powerful animation that tells us the journey most of us have in pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams.

The video animation is a creative idea by Junior Chamber International Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for last year’s JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award; the animation is supported by Adcom.

Watching the video, I somehow have tears in my eyes and am inspired at the same time – so I thought that this video WILL help you who think about yourself as a failure and underachiever to start realizing your dreams, turning your ideas into success.

The message of the video is simple… when you and I were kids, everything is possible; and as an entrepreneur, you should have the creativity, passion and believe of a kid, so that you can turn ideas into business success. Kids are examples when it comes to believe and faith – the Bible also acknowledged it in Mark 10:15 and Luke 10:17.

We always have these creative ideas – putting on a blanket over your back, you suddenly become Superman. You think you are one because you have this idea and you believe that your idea can be turned into reality. But as you grew older, you will hear “noises” from yourself and those around you, telling you that you couldn’t make it; telling you that it’s impossible.

So, the message is this: Think when you were still a kid; when you have an idea, just make it happen. Don’t wait, as success will find those who believe that their ideas can be turned into a reality.

So, do you want a recipe for entrepreneurial success? Here are the key ingredients:

Creativity + Belief + Action = Success

Check this video out, and be inspired!

Are you inspired? What do you think of the video? Please share what you have in mind by commenting on this blog post.

Ivan Widjaya
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