4 Promising Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

work at home mom
Work at home mom

Let’s face it – it’s expensive to live in the United States. That coupled with the fact that jobs are harder and harder to find means getting more creative with finding ways to make money.

As a mother, I’m sure you feel the burden of making sure your kids are loved, healthy, and taken care of, but you may also have the need to be at least a partial bread winner for your household. Whatever your situation is, I’m sure you’ve contemplated at one time or another how you might be able to find jobs for stay at home moms. Well, you’re not alone.

Now if you spent any amount of time on the internet looking for some decent, realistic, honest ways to make money from home, I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of junk to say the least. Below, however, are some real ways that you can make money from home without having to invest any money – just time.

1. Write Articles

If you enjoy writing, there a number of ways you can make money doing it. About.com, for example, will pay you well for writing articles on a variety of topics. The neat thing is, as long as you meet your quota, you can write at your leisure.

2. Virtual Assistant

This may take a little self-promotion, but if you have some administrative talents, there may be lots of companies that will pay you to manage calendars, organize taxes, take phone calls right from your home. Many large companies like American Airlines and 1-800-FLOWERS are moving to this kind of remote employment. In fact, they may even supply you with your own computer and telephone.

3. Do Data Entry

Companies like www.keyforcash.com will pay you for your typing abilities. Work whenever you want – right from home.

4. Online Tutoring

Certain education may be required, but if you can get in with a company like Sylvan Learning, you can tutor right from your computer, and make some good cash.