Entrepreneurs: Learn How to Inspire Others from Do Lectures

how to inspire other people
Do Lectures in progress
Entrepreneurs, small business owners and business bloggers – do YOU want to inspire others? It’s not as difficult as you might have thought – just ask David Hieatt.

I have just been recommended a fascinating video found on Honda UK’s video channel on YouTube. The video is part of Honda’s campaign in highlighting cultural engineer profiles; showcasing some of today’s cultural engineers who change the cultural norm – how we used to do things – into something that actually changes things for the better.

David Hieatt, a cultural engineer, is the founder of Do Lectures. The idea behind Do Lectures is simple: He invites people who have done amazing things (David called them “the world’s doers”) to “do lectures” on what they do, and how participants can do the same, too. The venue? A secluded campsite in the deepest West Wales every September.

In the event, inspiring people share what amazing things they do and all the participants are encouraged to share what they are doing right now and what are they planning to do. In Do Lectures, there’s no plan whatsoever – just share what you do and inspire others (and be inspired, too!)

Just watch the video to get the idea of what people do in Do Lectures:

For more inspiring videos, please visit HondaVideo’s YouTube channel


You and I don’t have to be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to do great things – we can inspire others by sharing what we do – how we fail/succeed and what it takes to make things happen. Don’t think too far – just start with your daily business and/or personal life.

Here’s my story – I was about to giving up on Noobpreneur.com 2 years ago – it’s all hard work, with minimal revenues generated. But as I learn from many bloggers and online business owners, perseverance and persistence are the key to make things happen in the online world; so, I listened to them and continue building Noobpreneur.com. So, here we are today… Noobpreneur.com is doing pretty good and many thanks to God and my mentors, I won’t give up on Noobpreneur.com again. Ever.

So, here’s a takeaway for you – if you want to inspire other, repeat after me: Just. Do. It.

Ivan Widjaya
I have told mine; what’s your inspiring story?