Business Mantras for 2012

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Business mantras to empower your business in 2012

If you are an entrepreneur running a business or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to plunge in to the business world in 2012 here are my top 4 Business Mantras to help you run your business in 2012…

Recognize and Retain Talent

As a business owner you must realize that manpower is the most valuable resource any business can have. Good business owners, leaders and managers are all people who are able to recognize talent when they see it.

If you are a fashion designer and design is your forte the person who tailors them to perfection is the biggest asset you could have for your business. Recognize him or her, hire his or her services and do everything you can to retain him. If you don’t make people who work for you feel like they matter then they will not really want to stick around.

You need to remember that you cannot do everything yourself which is why you need other people to pitch in.

Don’t Try to Do Everything

I love to paint and I hand paint a lot of stuff. Today I set out to paint two trays and ended up running one and painting the other one beautifully. My brother casually remarked…”It’s because you try to do everything at one go. Can’t you paint one tray at a time?” That set me thinking.

I tried to do too much at one time and that was a blunder on my part. This could happen to anyone, even you if you as a business owner try to do everything chances are you are not going to be able to do everything.

Break down goals or targets in to achievable ones, decide to do what is doable for you, recognize your limitations and don’t push your limits too often, plan and work according to your plan.

Use the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule should be your guiding force throughout. Keeping this rule in mind will help you channelize your energy and efforts better. Doing too much or doing a lot will not necessarily give you equivalent results.

Keep your focus and remember….80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Work smart not hard!

Follow Your Heart

An entrepreneurial venture I read about earlier this week set me thinking about this. Apeksha Harihar, fresh out of college started “Where’s My Bone” a pioneering magazine for pet lovers and owners in India. The magazine born out of her passion for animals, travel and writing has managed to grab the attention of pet lovers by the brood (pun intended).

Another example of what an entrepreneur can achieve by following his or her heart. If you are passionate about art then think of how you can build it in to a profitable venture…an art gallery, an online store, creating customized art works, collecting plastic from the beach to create art works…you have to look for answers within.

There is really no end to what people can tell you about what to do and what not to do to get it right in business in the New Year. With economic uncertainty still scaring people across the globe I feel good business in contemporary times is all about being practical, staying grounded and keeping the faith.

Wishing you all much success in 2012!

Image: stargardener / Flickr