Undeniable Advantages of the Internet for Businesses

internet for business
Today, online presence is crucial for any businesses

The success of any online business is depends on its ability to generate a high flow of traffic and then ensure their product or service firmly captures the visitors attention. While it is true that a website owner can place as many ads as he wants in all the right places, the reality is that most people tend to overlook these advertisement boxes and rely on the listings that show up in the search results from major search engines like Google or Bing. This is where the SEO companies come into play as their main role is to help webpages get listed and then appear as ‘high’ as possible in the result set.

The trend nowadays indicates that any business owner who wants his company to be successful needs to have an online presence. By not having a website, businesses have a serious impairment, meaning that they do not have the capability to grow outside their limited geographical boundaries. However, just having a website is simply not enough, as there may be thousands of similar pages out there offering or dealing with the same niche. If you want to climb the ranks in that niche and break the boundaries, the solution is to work with SEO professionals who know exactly how to market your products and services and help in getting higher ranking & eventually first page listing on major search engines. Let’s take a look at what certain brands can achieve in regards to revenues with the right search engine optimization.

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Even though Google+ was launched in June 2011, the statistics indicate that they managed to amass a user database of more than 10 million people in just 3 weeks. More precisely, approximately 2 weeks after the release, Google Plus registered a search peak and again in September, when the announcement of open sign-ups were made. This data clearly shows that Google’s new social network launch grabbed the attention of a lot of people and companies, as Google+ registered more searches than for instance, the “Sports” keyword. Consequentially, the newly launched social network has managed the second fastest rising search in the history of Google.


Walgreen is another example of how organic SEO can help a company’s revenue. At the beginning of the fourth fiscal semester, the company has revealed that it has boosted its earning with approximately 69% since last year. The data showed an amazing increase over a limited period of one time. Crunching the numbers, while Walgreen reported revenue s of $470 million at the end of the third fiscal semester last year, now it is proud to announce that its earnings were boosted to $792 million. According to the company’s representatives, this was possible due to the 1.6% increase in visitors and the fact that the customers spent about 3% more per visit.

iPhone 5

Even though it is not even released, iPhone 5 made it to the top 10 Google’s most researched topics. In a nutshell, ever since the rumors regarding its release on the market in 2010 till the end of 2011 started, the searches about its features, launching data, Steve Job’s opinion on the matter and so on rose by 1658%. All the hype regarding the iPhone 5 has witnessed a boost in September, meaning a week before Apple presented their new masterpieces, the iPhone 4S in a press conference.

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