How Quirky can Turn your Ideas into Reality – plus a CONTEST: Win a $50 Quirky Gift Card

quirky social product development
Quirky makes invention accessible
Do you have plenty of ideas on how to do things better and solve problems with a product you create? Are you looking for ways to turn your invention ideas into reality but not sure how? If so, I recommend you to head over to Quirky.

Quirky is a 75-employee company founded by 25-year-old Ben Kaufman that works hard in making invention accessible. The social product development company allows anyone to submit their invention ideas and, if chosen, turn them into reality.

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Here’s how things work

Quirky takes your ideas to a group of influencers, crowdsourcing for thoughts.

When your idea has turned into an ultimate soon-to-be product and meet a production “threshold” (a particular amount of product sales required for mass-production,) then Quirky takes it into production.

Quirky then sell your invented products on-site and on Quirky’s retail partners’ stores, such as Target,, Toys R Us, Ace Hardware, and many more.

You, the inventor, will receive a portion of the revenue.

Thoughts on Quirky

Quirky facilitates amateur inventors to turn their ideas into real products; this answers amateur inventors’ big question mark: How to really turn their invention ideas into real products that solve everyday problems – without the need to pitch for funding, producing a prototype and all the necessary steps to realize your ideas.

While Quirky is an invention-saver for many people with big ideas, some are wondering whether losing their rights in the invention is what they actually want. Indeed, Quirky mentions that the company is retaining the right to the chosen ideas. So, yes – your ideas are practically Quirky’s.

So, the question is, will you use Quirky to bring your idea to life? According to this coverage on Quirky, 86 percent says yes, as product design and manufacturing are the hardest part.

So, what do you think? Please share your thought… and be eligible to win a $50 Quirky gift card!

Contest – win a $50 Quirky gift card

For one lucky winner, will present a $50 Quirky gift card to purchase great product inventions from Quirky. This contest will end on March 31, 2012.

Here’s how to be eligible:

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We then choose a comment that we think most interesting – so leave your comment and fingers crossed!

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