3 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Makes Advertising Tick for Big and Small Businesses

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Cloud computing has proved to be a boon for small businesses across the globe.   It has changed the way business is done; products and services are bought and sold as well as revolutionized marketing today.   As marketers everywhere are left with no option other than to embrace the cloud here is a look at why cloud computing makes advertising (a major marketing function) for big and small businesses tick…


One of the major perks of cloud computing is its high scalability. Depending on factors such as success metrics and timing among others, ad serving can be increased up or reduced.   Thanks to the cloud it is possible to store various types of ads and make them available on demand, without investing in costly infrastructure and without suffering the vagaries of IT per se.

Big and small businesses can launch new services, or develop and implement corresponding advertising and marketing campaigns, without worrying about whether a spurt in demand or views or the need to increase ad serving will create a serious problem or even be unavailable. Such is the scale and reliability of the cloud that if an advertiser launches a new advertising campaign then, the cloud and its scalable capacity should generally be able to handle the resultant heightened interest and spurt in demand.


Cloud computing also facilitates collaborative activities which are the mainstay of a creative function like advertising.   Success is life as well as business does not depend on resources but resourcefulness.   The cloud offers unlimited opportunities to carry out promotional activities that are not simple or that may be resource-intensive compared to the limitations one faces with traditional IT infrastructures.

With cloud computing your business gains the ability to collaborate online and to access information anywhere in the world, irrespective of time zones and geography that too without the need for any additional resources, effort and software. This in effect provides advertisers and marketers with the freedom to network with global agencies, suppliers and talent.

Cloud computing has the potential to change the way in which companies market and promote their products and services.   If you are looking to harness the power of the cloud for your business then  Google,  Amazon  and  Microsoft  are among the cloud forces to reckon with.   However, exploring options with emerging players like  AppZero, Enomaly, Long Jump and Vaultscape,  Flexiant,  Workbooks,  CloudSigma  and  Cloudmore  etc in the cloud space makes great business sense.

Versatility of Ad serving options

Cloud computing offers businesses, marketers and advertisers with a wide array of choices and flexibility to distribute and display advertising. The ability to create and distribute advertising that could reach consumers regardless of the technology they have available is a huge plus that the cloud offers. The cloud has the ability to detect, recognize and serve advertisements in a form, format and version that is suited to the device which the consumer is using at the time.

Context sensitive searches and authentication methodologies that will enable individuals traveling or outside their home base to be served advertising relevant to them are just a few other robust capabilities provided by the cloud.