Small Business Tips: How to Stop Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks
How small businesses can prevent cyber attacks?
Since an increasing number of small business owners are using internet for advertising, promoting or for doing some basic activities, they are becoming an easy prey for hackers who are still living at large. Though steps have been taken both at region and country level to contain such cases, there is no apparent signs of immediate relief. Small business organizations just like their big corporate counterparts are very much susceptible to external and internet security threats and if these treats are overlooked, this might have a serious consequences later on.

It is even more disconcerting for small business owners of being targeted by hackers as they lack the infrastructure, technical support and monetary backup that they will need to thwart such incident. But as fate would have it, this is a real problem and they have to face it despite all odds. So rather than going for really big investment that they no longer afford in this tough economic condition, they should try to create a culture of security so that malicious attacks can be thwarted at the very first step or at least they can put a cap on it. Here we are going to share 5 tips that a small business company can adopt. Just take a look:

Have a backup ready
You never know when things may go away of your hands and you lose all the data that holds key to success to your business. Throughout the year, you need to upgrade the systems and take occasional backup of data in a safe and secured place. This will make sure that even if the cyber attack takes place, your have your critical data save in a secured place. Keep the backup away from Office.

Pinpoint the Weakness
Since you are a small business owner, you have to make sure that you have perfect knowledge of most the vulnerable areas of your business. Some of the crucial parts of this risk assessment program is that you need to upgrade the anti virus program frequently and get the whole system scanned on regular basis. Make it mandatory to change the password of the computer every 50 to 60 days. Password must contain alphanumeric characters and special cases that will make it a tough job for hacker to hack into your systems.

Get Your Workers Educated About Security
To uplift a culture of security, you need to take some steps proactively. You have made it crystal clear that cyber crime is a matter of utmost important to you and the company and therefore, you will not tolerate any lapse in this front. Get then trained some professionals so that they can form a fair amount of information about the dos and don’t of using internet.

A Contingency Plan
Though you will certainly despise the idea of being targeted by hacker, this might befall at any point of time. So, it makes sense to have a contingency plan ready so that you can take proper decision in those difficult situations. However, be sure to test the plan otherwise a big disappointment is waiting for you at the end.

Security Agreement
It is good to get your employees signed into a security agreement, as they will have a legal obligation to inform you whenever they see something unusual. This will help you take proper steps and make you see a brighter side of things.