How Far will Your Customer Support go to Make a Customer Happy? A Real Customer Support Story from Namecheap

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Namecheap, we think you are cool!
While I was reading updates from my Facebook account, looking for ideas and opportunities, I stumbled on an interesting update from the fan page of Namecheap, one of the leading domain name registrars (and also a web host.)

The update is actually containing an unedited transcript of live chat session one of Namecheap support reps, Eugene F. and a Namecheap customer, Julian Vincent. What’s interesting with the transcript is that the customer demands something unusual, “threatening” to leave Namecheap if the customer support can’t fulfill what he wants. Unlike your typical support reps, Eugene F. decided to play along and respond to Julian’s request – and he did it exceptionally well.

The transcript is posted by Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO who is obviously happy that one of his employees is taking the extra miles to do his job. To say the least, this transcript is an exceptional example of how far a customer support would go to make a customer happy. Here it is – read it and be inspired!

namecheap live support chat transcript
The popular Namecheap live support transcript


Reading through the dozens of comments (that include 50 shares and 130 likes,) most are giving two thumbs up to Namecheap customer support.

Although a few showed concern whether it is effective to deal with non-related support for 50 minutes from a customer, while dozens of other are really need tech-related support, most agree that taking the extra miles for a customer proves that Namecheap is, indeed, a company which customer support is driven by real human interactions, not only scripted support.

I personally agree that what Eugene F. was doing breathe fresh air to live customer support (and I know how boring – and lame – a customer support session can be as I regularly use live support from various domain registrars and web hosting providers.)

So, what do you think? Is Namecheap doing a great job responding to a customer’s unusual request or is it just wasting time?

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