Why You Don’t Need a Suit and Tie to be in Business Anymore

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No suit, no tie


How the Business Environment Is Changing

When you think of a businessman (or woman), you probably envision someone in a nice suit working in an office building. While this used to be pretty much universally true, the Internet is changing all that.

With the advent of telecommunication, running your business from home, or from pretty much anywhere you want, is an entirely realistic possibility. You know what that means, ladies and gentlemen: yes, you can stay in your pajamas all day long.

But seriously, the geographical tethers that once bound people to specific locations are becoming less and less important, and so are people’s conceptions of how a business should be run.

Does the Young Generation Have Higher Expectations?

Young people today grew up in a world where they were encouraged to question traditional labor structures and career options. One of the most dreaded fates is ending up in a tiny cubicle under fluorescent lights, working for the bureaucracy of a soulless corporation, going through the motions like a zombie every day, 9-5 (we’ve all seen Office Space).

The downturn the economy has taken in recent years means that people are just generally happy to have a job at all these days, but still, we continue to dream about being able to love our job, live in a great place, feel engaged and challenged, and not sit in traffic for hours on end every day.

With Telecommuting Jobs, Everybody Wins

This dream is becoming a reality with the increasing prevalence of telecommunication. Telecommuting simply means using technology to do your work remotely, from home or any other location that’s not your office. Obviously there are some jobs where telecommuting is not an option; for example, if you’re a barista at Starbucks you need to be there in person to administer those much needed caffeine jolts. But for jobs like computer programming, business administration, or call-center work, working from home can be a great option not only for you but for the company as well.

According to the Labor Department, the benefits of a flexible workplace include increased employee productivity, decreased stress levels, and cost saving, which basically means workers are happier and companies save money. Everybody wins!

Self-Motivation is an Absolute Must

An important thing to remember about working from home is that you won’t have a boss looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re staying on track. While this sounds awesome, it does mean that telecommuters need to be self-motivated and able to get things done without being in a traditional office environment. If this sounds like you, telecommuting could be right up your alley!

Running Your Business From Home: A Dream Come True?

There are many options available if you’re interested in telecommuting, but one of the most exciting is the prospect of running your own business. If you’re interested in running a business from home, a degree in business administration is a great place to start. Most programs can have you out and ready to go in less than two years, and there are even programs where you can earn your business degree online.

About the Author: Connie Marshall is a freelance writer who works from home and who writes on topics related to business management and college degree programs like business administration degree training.