Online Business Idea: Ad Board that combines Advertising and Charity


As we all know it, the typical purpose of advertisements is to buzz companies’ products or services. Now, how about promoting your products or services while doing good causes? The need fill a void in the Internet advertising industry, and make a great online business idea; learn from Ad2Charity, a business that does just that.

Editor’s note: It seems that the startup failed to gain considerable traffic and buzz. The site seems to stop operating somewhere after December 16, 2014 (according to WayBack Machine)

The opportunity

Remember The Million Dollar Homepage? A digital ads billboard that makes more than one million dollar for the creator, Alex Tew. Advertisers pay $1 for every pixel bought.

Ad2Charity shares similar business model, with different purposes.

As the name implies, Ad2Charity helps businesses to create awareness (and generate revenue) while showing good will by giving back to the community. For every ad placement you make, 18% of the revenue goes straight to your choice of charity.

Many budding online entrepreneurs are having their own reasons why they plunge themselves into the online business world, but for Ad2Charity founder Aron Frylekhman, the profits – minus the portion for charities – will be utilised to kick-start a college fund for his three grandchildren.

Ad placement starts from $199 to – ultimately – the largest ad at the center of the page will cost you $4,999 to acquire. Placement would be lifetime.

Verdicts and the pathway to success

An interesting online business idea, Ad2Charity brings you a sound concept, that – along with hard work and perseverance – can get your business far.

The challenges to respond to is whether Ad2Charity is able to rank on top of search engines, bringing great value to advertisers, in term of exposures – as well as bringing in new advertisers. Generating buzz is mandatory in getting traffic, so I hope Aron will work on it :)

Ad2Charity is a brand new business; there will be challenges need to be addressed. However, the rather rare opportunities to serve many purposes are great: Generating revenue while bridging the gap between creating business awareness and doing good.

Ad2Charity will continue to be developed; it has just included a blog to reach more people, especially on blogsphere and socialsphere. Aron also mentioned that Ad2Charity has just put up its first ad – and I personally think that there will be (a lot) more to come, given the unique sales proposition.

Businesses who are passionate about giving back will find Ad2Charity a home, and I’m sure there are plenty of them which haven’t heard about Ad2Charity. I do hope this article can help creating a buzz and bringing in clients for Ad2Charity.

So, here’s a call to action for you :)

If you are a business owner looking for an alternative way to advertise your products and services – while supporting a charity of your choice – I recommend you to visit Ad2Charity learn from these resources: