7 Business Lessons Worth Stealing From Flipkart – India’s E-commerce Biggie

flipkart business lessons
Business lessons from Flipkart.com
Flipkart, billed as one of India’s biggest e-commerce success stories has interested me for some time now. Firstly as a teacher of enterprise creation and management and secondly as a customer who has bought a few books from the site; my tryst with this venture in many ways has proved to be enlightening on the business lessons front. Here are 7 business lessons from Flipkart worth stealing…

Quick Searches

A cursory visit to the Flipkart website is enough to prove how quickly the system works to search and deliver results on books, stationary, electronics and the like. The one thing people don’t really want to do is spend a lot of time looking for stuff online. Making a website so search friendly is definitely a huge plus and wins brownie points from customers too.

Wide Repository

The e-commerce arena is burgeoning with options so competition is stiff. People ideally would like to find everything in one place and Flipkart seems to have understood and implemented that very well. With a wide range of books and gadgets on offer, my favorite thing about the site is it has nearly every title one wants to look up. Give your customers everything that they could possibly be looking for!

Cash on Delivery

Buying things online is quick but people are often deterred by the level of safety of using credit and debit cards online. Offering cash on delivery makes things more flexible from a buyer’s point of view not to forget safe. A precaution one can take is calling the buyer before dispatching the order.

Follow Up

From the moment you order something on Flipkart, there is constant follow up”¦you get a confirmation by email when you order, an intimation when its dispatched and that way you know the status of things as far as your order is concerned. Keeping customer’s posted about the status of their orders is a great advantage especially in the e-commerce business.

Follow Through

Flipkart’s excellent customer service doesn’t stop with delivery of the goods at your doorstep. You get an email confirming delivery and a request to share feedback which leads you to a quick survey. This indicates a need for feedback on the part of Flipkart driven by the urge to provide customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Packaging

With a number of e-commerce websites offering similar products the deal clincher is the “price”. Flipkart has the most competitive prices and if you want your customers to keep coming back then you should think of an effective pricing strategy. Offer them the best price and service available.

Packaging too is a big part of the service that one delivers. The books I’ve bought at Flipkart are delivered in excellent condition bubble wrapped and all. Most times online shoppers never buy from a site again if they are disappointed with a product that is damaged in transit. This is due to inappropriate packaging. If you are selling online or from a store remember to pack and present your goods in the best possible manner.

Endearing Advertisement Campaigns

Flipkart has the most endearing advertisement campaigns. With children depicted as grownups who make childlike suggestions and matter of fact statements, the advertising campaign has helped Flipkart position itself as India’s biggest online megastore. For a look at the campaign click here.

When you learn it’s important for you to learn from the best around. That’s why Flipkart, an emerging giant on the e-commerce scene is who I chose to help you learn from. Hope you find these lessons useful!