Being the Boss – is that so easy?

being the boss
It is definitely not easy being the boss!
“The grim and hard face where a smile never or rarely has its guest appearance” – probably the best combinations of words to depict your Boss’s facial expression (perhaps coined by some highly imaginative employee). Yup, this is what people, mostly those who born to work under someone, believe and therefore, being a boss is that not that cool. You will have to deal with disgruntled employees who will never ever learn how to show respect to their boss leave aside to their fellow employees.

So, if you are planning to leave your day job and trying to be the boss of your own fate, you will have no other options but to face the bitter truth that you are going to face a barrage of problems; how you are supposed to survive them is the key to success:

Keep The Legacy: You have started the company with a passion and vision in mind, but as the company grows, you will start realizing the fact that the same level of passion is missing out on daily activities. Like the rest of the other small business owners, you are less likely to have any idea how to run a business, so it is most likely that you will face some teething problems at the beginning but if you have the passion to face it, your business is most likely to survive a fall of any magnitude.

Do Not Make Your Soul fed up: As soon as your company starts expanding and you start relishing your position as the boss, you will have the feeling that you are running on fumes. You will not be doing the work yourself, rather you have to find out the perfect people and get the job done by them with less involvement from your side. Like a true boss, you have to make your employees happy and for that you need to take some decision proactively like, you need to offer certain relaxations as to timing if your employees are staying late at office to get the job done. But lol, you will find that it is you who has got yourself stuck in the daily grinding. You come to the office long before the sun comes up and goes long after it goes down – may sound great to some people, but please do not make this happen.

Tough HR Decision: Ups and downs are a part of the growth of a business organization and that means, you need to get used to it at the earliest. You need to master how to cope with them and for that purpose, you need to take stringent actions sometimes, like doling out pink slips and all that just in order to keep your business up and running. These are tough decisions and you may have the feeling to run away from it but there is no way of doing so. So, sit still and face take it like a man.

It is Not Just Learning, But Earning Too: There are some small business owners who believe that running a startup is the only way to get firsthand experience of the real world and thus you are most likely to have vast exposure to learn about the business. But when you are the sole bread earner of the company, you need to make sure your small business organization is helping you to have some cash otherwise, you would not be able to continue your rendezvous with your small business for long.

I Am The owner Syndrome: Once you sit and relax in the chair, you will have the feeling that you are the boss of the company and that means, you can do whatever you wish. But the reality is starkly different. Since the entire office looks to you, you need to be righteous all the time. You will have to wear formal all the time and cannot take breaks whenever you wish. And there are hosts of similar things involved that you need to follow no matter what.

So, it seems that being the boss is not that cool. In fact, you will have to work hard twice as much when you are at the helm of the company making other feel motivated.

About the Author: This blog post was written by Michael Evans, who is a passionate writer and a regular blogger. He is good at Photoshop and he has also contributed different tutorials on web design and development.