How to Prevent Your Business Blog from Becoming a Needle in the Haystack – 6 Ways to Do It

business blog in the haystack
You don't want your business blog to end up here...
Blogs are a popular medium of expression for individuals and businesses seeking to reach out, have a voice and make a mark. Most businesses these days have a blog and while that is a good move I find that most businesses do not make an attempt to make their blogs stand out. In the end, such blogs become like a needle in the haystack, lost in the crowd of business blogs on the web very often lost without a trace.

That’s why I’ve come up with 6 ways to help you prevent your business blog from becoming a needle in the haystack…

Create Something to Take From

While you as a business owner are creating products and services that people are going to buy or are likely to buy. However, what business owners should really be doing is to use their blogs to create something more that other people can take from.

Ritika Mittal, the creative dynamo behind MORA by Ritika, a designer label vending exquisite weaves from the North Eastern parts of India is doing just that by creating a repository of the Naga dialect and making it available to people through her blog. Now that’s something to take from!

Knowledge Centres, Tips and How To’s

As part of my research on jewellery stores I found that incredible value addition to website or blog can be carried out just by adding a knowledge centre, tips and how to’s. By educating people on how to buy diamonds, how to wear, take care of, store and clean jewellery, a jewellery store creates immense value for customers and prospects. You can do it for your business too.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews have gained a lot of importance, especially now because a simple search on Google also throws up reviews if any. WOW (Women on Wanderlust, a Delhi based travel company for women) travelers write about their experiences on tours with WOW. The charming aspect is that the travelogues are first hand experiences with a generous sprinkling of pictures. How about adding this aspect to your business blog?

Tell A Story

There’s something magical about stories and all of us, young and old, love a good story. Tell a story on your blog, talk about…How did you get an idea for a product? Who made it? Feature the face behind the design or creation and watch your audience grow!

Sprinkle It With Videos and Photos

Chumbak, a unique, funky and ever so cute Indian start up crafts products that are Indian at heart. This idea came to me when I saw their launch video…a little something that was fun and very different to mark the launch of their new collection…products stamped with words and phrases that rae typically Indian. A short, sweet, engaging and funny story that unfolded and aroused interest in the new line of products by Chumbak. Interesting, huh?

How Are You Making a Difference?

If you are making a difference to the environment or to the lives of people through your products, services or business as a whole then you could highlight that in your blog posts. People are drawn to inspirational endeavors; innovations and revolutionary thought so if you or your products are doing any of these things…use your blog to flaunt it.

Creating a blog and simply posting news and tit bits is just not enough to keep people interested in a business blog. Give your blog an interesting twist by using all or any of these 6 ways or better still come up with your own way and don’t forget to tell me about it right here.

Image: John Pavelka / Flickr