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Murray Newlands and Viddy's Evan White

Sharing video that has recently been recorded on social media like Facebook and Twitter has historically been difficult to impossible. That’s why Evan White founded Viddy, a company that produces an eponymous app that lets users upload their mobile phone videos to Facebook and Twitter and apply artistic effects to the videos. In this Future of Publishing episode, host Murray Newlands interviews Viddy’s Evan White.

Social video publishing

Everything had been becoming social. Social marketing, social media, social images. It’s been a big trend for almost ten years even though most online publishing wasn’t like that.

MySpace did have an early social blogging system similar to Facebook’s notes, but it was more prominent as it was at the top of your profile page. This meant that you could use it like an old-style web diary, post announcements, and otherwise use it to engage with your friends. This was independent from status updates and you could include a “mood” with each post. Moods were varied as there were many of them. They included an emoticon and a descriptive word.

MySpace moods involved terms such as “gloomy”, “sad”, and, if I recall correctly, even “sorrowful”. This allowed MySpacers to impart a certain level of personal touch to their posts which could help them connect with their audience well. However MySpace was also far less friendly for businesses than Facebook so in other ways it was harder to reach out. Furthermore, the site did not work easily with video even though you could put videos into your profile page. MySpace was very much more “this is me” driven than content and engaging with other people-driven. There was no tagging people in posts or sharing content with specific people, though comments did exist.

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