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Murray Newlands interviews Peter Bordes of Chirpaloo

Social media can offer marketers wealth of information to laser-target their ads to the right audience.

Using social data to build up a list for affiliate marketing can give marketers a tremendous advantage over their competition. This is because they are able to use the additional information that they get from their social leads to better target their ads. Not only that, but they can also better design their products using this information and make the pitches more personal.

For example, if you know somebody’s name then you can put their name in the letter and this may give a higher conversion rate. Traditionally the trade-off has been reduced leads generated (so it’s not always worth it) because getting more information requires more form fields. But that is not necessarily the case with social leads.

In this Future of Publishing episode, Murray Newlands looks at social lead generation. Watch below:

Although affiliate marketing is based off of trusting the person selling the product and as a result things such as demographic information are not as important. However some lead generation involves very little trust. Maybe you signed up for an e-book a month ago and then forgot about it and you did not read it. You do not trust the author as a result but you still might respond to his or her pitches for you to register for the latest free trial. If he or she knows more about you then he or she can tailor his or her pitches more effectively.

For example, older people might respond to a certain pitch one way but younger people might respond a different way. The same can be said about men and women: Even if they are buying the same product, different advertisements need to be applied to each of them in order for you to be as effective as possible.

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