How to Choose the Right Outdoor Advertising for you

outdoor advertising
Image by Craig Hatfield / Flickr
Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways of increasing and attracting customers to your business. There are a number of different outdoor advertising options, all of which have their own pros and cons, but can greatly increase brand and product awareness to the general public. Choosing the right outdoor advertising type for your business can sometimes seem difficult, but by researching the various types and their usual uses, you can create an effective advertising campaign for your circumstances.

Building Wraps

Building wraps create a permanent or temporary advertisement by wrapping an entire building with advertising material. This can vary from plain to complex designs, and will show off vibrant colours, pictures and symbols that will be visible to all that pass the building in question. This is an effective way of promoting something new, hiding something old or simply attracting attention to your business. Building wraps are usually used on new buildings to attract attention, buildings that are being renovated or those in built up areas with local competition.

Car wrap signage

Car wrap signage is effective for businesses that employ a fleet of vehicles, turning trucks, cars and vans into mobile billboards for your product or service. These wraps are custom made decals or graphic maps that are applied to the vehicle, a great way of promoting brand awareness to a greater audience. Car wrap signage is commonplace amongst trade and service industries such as plumbing, telecommunications and cleaners who have multiple fleet vehicles.

Construction signage

Construction signage is popular with developers, civil, construction and marketing companies to promote their services and projects. Construction signage includes printed shade cloth, aluminium signage, gantry signage and mesh banners.
Fence wrap is often used by developers and contractors to promote current projects, construction sites and developments. Fence wrap can take the form of printed shade cloth or banner mesh advertising, allowing for high standards of presentation as well as aiding in dust control.

Event signage

Event signage is one of the most common uses of outdoor signage, utilising a wide range of products including banners, flags, building wrap, corflutes and fence wrap. This helps attract attention and awareness about events your business is currently or about to run. Event signage is also used for amenities at the event itself include toilet, exit, parking, ticketing and timetable signs. Event signage is commonly used by industries that hold large conventions and exhibitions such as hospitality, automotive industry and business.

Real estate signage

Advertising in the real estate market is an important aspect of attracting buyers to potential properties including inspections and auctions. Real estate signage includes outdoor signs such as window stickers, corflutes, banners, flags and A-frames.
These are just some of the many forms of outdoor signage available for your business or event. For more information about choosing the right outdoor advertisement for your circumstances, contact your local advertising specialist.

About the Author: AdWrap-it is a one-stop-solution for environmental compliance on construction and development sites whilst also offering a variety of outdoor advertising services; from company branding on silt fences, Fence wrap form of printed shade cloth to real estate signage and hoarding skins.